Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Transfer in the field ..

It has been quite a busy week. Our teaching pool has been dissapearing and that is not good. We have been out looking and finding some potentials, but the ideal is when the members find for us. it is ideal because the will already have a friend and a fellowshipper. I can't believe it has already been this long! Time is flying by so fast It is hard to remember things that happened, just because you don't know if that happened last week or last night. It has been pretty crazy the last couple days at the surprise house. With transfers and such. One of the zone leaders we lived with went home. He went to BYUI .ha. He was awesome and will be missed. Also our district leader Elder Marble found out he is training! So I won't be the newest person anymore! Hurray! He is excited he is a very good missionary and probably the must humble person I know. Elder Knabe and I have been doing well and still holding onto a zion companionship. He Is such a stud. Yes Jarret this is how we knew when you liked your companions.
We only have one baptism this weekend because M.... couldn't make it to chruch. She just doesn't catch a break, her sister had her gallbladder taken out and then her mom was just put into the hospital again on saturday and was suppossed to come home last night but she is scared if she goes home she might die. M....'s Grandma also lives with her and she also has cancer so that house is crazy sick. I know that M.... will make it through though. She has a lot of faith. S........ Is doing really well and the ward is really excited for her baptism. We might have to move the talks and everything into the chapel because it sounds like there will be a lot of people. We are working on her husband he just works from 10 am to midnight so it is really hard to meet with him, but he comes to church every Sunday. Hopefully his schedule clears up so he can follow suit.
This transfer is looking up though I am way excited for it. Oh, and thank you for sending me the ties. I just needed more of a variety. The crazy thing about being here is that everyone has either went to Ricks college or has a relative who lives in Rexburg or has lived in Rexburg. Like one of the counselors in our ward his family is the fosters. Like Hadley and Cole. Pretty cool. Oh I was able to recite that scripture on Sunday. I am amazed at how well I did. I don't think it was me who was speaking, I have recognized that a lot lately. You really have to put your trust in the Lord. I need to get Like Nephi did in 2 Nephi 4. Great Chapter probably one of my favorites.
That is pretty much it. It sounds like all of you are having a fantastic time and are doing well. Keep it up in all what you do trust that The Lord will help you because he is the only person who knows what you are going through. Jayson It think it awesome you threw up Rigby isn't my favorite course either, but don't let that stop you from doing extrodinary. I love you so much.
Elder Jake Wade

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey everybody!
So first off forgot to tell you I couldn't write yesterday the library was closed. And next off I am horrible at remembering birthdays... So happy late birthdays to Dad, and Jarret! You are both Old! Haha, and to just for warn you, next week I will write on Monday but the week after I will write on Tuesday. Every transfer week or pday is on Tuesday. Also to a birthday present to you both, we set up two more dates this week. One to a Lady named S.... so really happy for her. Next, this lady is very special to us...  Her name is M....................so keep her in your prayers.
We have had quite a few investigators come to church, two which will be a work in progress,  but their niece was baptized recently and the have witnessed the huge change in her life. ..........We have had a problem recently which is because school has started everybody seems to get sick! so that leads to appointments falling through. Which you have to just plan effectively and have backups to everything. And it is hard now because of the program of the church called the 12 week training program I am in charge of planning this week, but I manage. Yesterday was nice becuase we were able to relax and get into people's homes if they were home. but over all it was a good week.
It sounds like you have all had a pretty good week also. Jayson you look good running, but you let Drew beat you lets work on that. Ha I bet the Brigham  City Temple was really nice. We get to go to the temple almost every three months so I'm excited for that. But I love all your support, and I need more ties!
Love you all,
Elder Jake Wade

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