Monday, August 27, 2012

Another week already!!??

This week went by so super fast you have no idea! I don't see where all the time goes. I was reading in genisis and saw that when Jacob was laboring he said the years passed by like a few days. I can say the same for the days fly by like hours. We did have Zone Conference this week really exciting. We learned about how to manage our time wisely and how we should plan effectively for our week and daily planning. Tiffany was baptized this weekend!! The service was amazing! Elder K said it was the best he has been to. She had a family friend come from California to baptise her and he had his family there. And his daughter is going on a mission to Pocatello! Ha so I had to tell her about the life up there she was excited and should be. Sister H.... is her name. But I was really nervous to do the baptismal presentation, but everyone said they were really touched and I could feel the spirit so strong. It was an amazing day. We are trying to get more investigators becasue she has been most of our lessons. But we had Four investigators that came to church yesterday. Which is really good we are extending baptism dates like crazy sometimes it is just hard when people don't follow through with their commitments... We got two new investigators this week and a few more potentials so we will start working on them.
Over all it seemed like a good week. I notice the heat as much as I used to, but it is still really hot. We haven't been able to bike as much as we wanted to because I keep getting flats! So I am going to buy tubes today but I love my bike it is a beast and has done really well other than that.
It sounds like that you are all doing really well and that you are having fun. Oh ya mom if you were down here you would have started school three weeks ago. They can't go outside if it is too hot. Ive never really had to deal with that. We have started our focus on member missionary work so we will see how that goes. But I love you all and greatful fro all that you have raised me to be.
Love, Elder Jake Wade

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week Two...

Dear Family 'n' Friends!
Well to answer some of your questions... We don't Live with memebers, but I live with five other missionaries, so it is quite exciting. I was really excited to see sister Day and Josh, those cookies were really good. We are still on goal for the baptism this weekend. She told us she won't let anything hold her back from being baptised so she is pretty determined which is good. She says she blames me because she didn't know why she said yes to when I asked to be baptized that first night, but it is now falling into place. Others that we are working with are struggling with commitments which is frustrating, but i know if we put our faith in the Lord he we will help us. "that our weaknesses may become strong."
I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Lorna, I have really been learing about the plan of salvation lately. She is in a better place and now is waiting in peace and happiness. She still watches over us like a lot of our ancestors to "bear us up". It is amazing to of the Knowledge we have gained from the prophets on the earth. They are here for us and recieve revelation for us. Dad that qoute reminds of what i taught in gospel principles yesterday. It really helped me understand why I was here. I taught about Sacrifice. It was hard because you don't want to go deep when you teach less actives and investigators. And lets be honest Sacrife can get pretty deep. I am here to sacrifice two years of my life to serve my Lord who made the greatest sacrifice for me. The Atonement is such a gift we must use it, there is no other way that we can return to our Heavenly Father.
The first week I was here was record breaking tempuratures. But it now has cooled down to High 90's and low 100's. It sad to say that it is a cool down but it is what it is. i would freeze at night if it wasn't for my blanket. So thanks for sending that ha. Oh and we cover two wards and we are in a part car part bike. We only have 800 miles to drive in the car each month. We have ridden the bike a lot more lately so my missionary tan is coming in pretty good including the watch tan lines. But I love you all and you are all in my prayers. Oh Jayson how was passing the Sacrament?
Love you,
Elder Jake Wade

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week one - Surprise, Az

Wow This was such an awesome week!
I am in the Surprise Stake and we cover two wards, Cactus Lane and White Tank Mountain wards. They are amazing! The members are so supportive. We have members to every appointment we go to. Yes I got a haircut and I'm happy I did! Because it is just hot. You the wind in Rexburg is a cold wind. The wind down here is like a hair dryer. And all your sweat evaporates until you get into a cool house or building. Crazy I know. My compainion is Elder Knabe (kuh-na-be) He is amazing. he has been out for sixmonths and has been in the same area for all of it. Ha but he has taught me so much. he is from Bakersfeild California. I am glad him and i are compainions.
Oh interesting fact. We got off the plane and President and Siter Taylor were there to greet us and we got to see the departing missionaries. And one of them was Elder Bird from Idaho Falls. Thats right T-Bird. I wrestled him in high school. he told me I will be a great missionary. All the mission thought that it was way cool that I knew him. I thought it was cool too.
We have been working hard. I got to give my first couple invitations to baptism. and we have one set for the 25th of this month. Really awesome!
Jayson, I am so happy that you have the preisthood now. I want you to know how important you are now. The people in the ward are depending on you to pass them the sacrament. My testimony of the atonement and sacrament has grown so much in the short time I have been out. It is a sacred duty that is the must important reason why we go to church. It is a privilage to have the preisthood use it as such. Help as many people as you can. Start studying Preach My Gospel as a family you can do so much as members. And I have seen that here. Everyone needs to be a missionary.
I love you all soo much.

Elder Jake Wade                          Elder Wade and Josh Day- he served with Jarret in Argentina

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pictures from Mission Blog! Love them!

                                           Elder K. and Elder Wade

Thursday, August 2, 2012

2nd Email

If time fly by like it has here at the MTC then I'll be home before you know it! But there is no need to worry about that right now ha. We got our travel plans last week and our plane leaves about 8:30 in the morning so we have to be at our travel services at 5 on tueday morning. Oh and our flight is only 42 minutes long haha. But here at the MTC I have had at least one spiritual experance everyday. Our teachers are fantastic and I have learned so much I love it! It still way weird that we leave in like 5 days it feels like I just got here, people were constantly telling me "Welcome to The MTC!" wow that got annoying fast ha. Now we are the Bosses of the English building. Elder Robison is mad that I'm leaving though haha. I would not want to be here as long as he is or any of the foreign missionaries, because this food is really starting to get to me. I have only gained 5 pounds though. What do you expect though? We eat and sit, sit and learn, and sit and teach. With only one hour of Soccer. Oh speaking of Soccer we have been playing soccer with the Europeans lately, they are so good. The one told me I had no fear because when I go to block the ball I just take it and not flinch or nothing. I asked if it was a good thing. He said kind of. They are so funny though. I'll miss them next week. Oh do you remember Kaden Jeppson? I was friends with him in 4th grade. He is here and is going to Guam English speaking. I didn't notice him at first but he noticed me it was really nice to see him after all these years.
We have been teaching quite a bit. We had our last TRC last night though. Her name is Barbara and she is probably one the funniest people I know. Ha but we got her to read the Book of Mormon and also committed her to baptism last night. It helps when your compainion is a stallion like mine. He is so smart we have had no problems getting along whatsoever. He is awesome. Our district is still way close and also one of the only districts that is quiet during quiet time at 10:15.
I loved the packages I got thanks Mom. I loved the cupcakes so mcuh Heather is awesome!! I actually witnessed one of Elders eat on in one bite... Kind of cool Kind of nasty but awesome. I'm glad you are all having a blast with all different stuff going on you are always in my prayers. Pray for my future investigators for me ha. I love you all.
Elder Wade

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1st email from MTC

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been awesome! I have learned so much, and am loving studying and preparing for the work. My comp. is from Orem, so not too far away his name is Elder Barley. I love him and we get along really well. I share a room with two others. Elder Gifford from Kuna and Elder O'neal from Lousina. They are both amazing guys. If a compainionship was ever ment for each other its these two. We keep telling Elder Gifford he is a three Nephite, because he is one of the most kind hearted people I know. But he just waves it off and I think it might be getting him frustrated so we might stop.
I have never studied more in my entire life! I have learned so much and am focusing on the spirit. Did you Know Adam was baptized? It makes sense, but I never realized it before. Its in Moses 6;36 I believe. Kind of Interesting. We have three "invetigators" They are all progressing really well. We have one named Jarett, who is realy stubborn but he is getting it which makes me happy. Ian who loves to learn and has a great desire for learning so I think that will be great. I have been told that I am a great listner and that it will help me out a lot. I hope so because I don't have much going for me. Haha. Our other one is Barbara, she likes to talk a ton so we kinda have to pull the reigns and keep her on topic, but I committed her to reading the Book of Mormon, and she seems like she truelly will.
Well I did see Elder Robison, also Elders; Nelson, Mueller, Ballard, Suttun,Blanchard, Whalquist. Seems like like there is more, but Elder BLanchard just left for Spain so I won't see him again, here at least. But we have a couple of missionaries from Europe and we ahve been playing soccer with them and they are so good! They said they like my Determination and I love being active. Yes Mom I have been wearing my brace... We should get our Travel plans soon so I'll tell you when I'm calling. But thats pretty much it for this week.
Love you all
Elder Jacob Wade