Monday, January 28, 2013

I do not miss all that snow!

So it has been a crazy week! Elder Jones left and I am sure he is doing great, probably bored though. My new companion is Elder Goff! He is the Man! He is from Aberdeen, Idaho. He says he knows the Corbridges... He is related to Becks. But I love him. Mom, the reason that he looks so young, is because he is! He is the one of the first 18 year olds. He said as soon as he headr the age change he knew what he had to do. He is a really easy going guy and is super smart. I wonder what President was thinking when he put two Idaho boys together. I don't do much as a trainer other then give advice and uplift. We have this greta progra called the 12 week program, which makes training super easy. So on top of getting the assignment of being district leader, I had my first baptismal interview the next day! It was acctually really fun. I really enjoyed getting to know them and just listening to their testimony and the great desire that they have. That is one of the responsiblities as a district leader. I also oversee one other companionship. They are awesome and I have known them for a little bit now. I can't believe I am in Leadership and only out 6 months. I am also over district meetings, which are fun. And doing exchanges with the Other elders in my district. Ha it was kind of funny, Elder Goff told me that six months sounds like I have been out forever. But I only feel that I have been out for a couple of days. Great missionary, he will be.
Sounds fun with all of you guys and all your sicknesses. My prayers are with you. I haven't gotten it yet but I did get a little head cold about six weeks ago. But it isn't as bad as what some have gotten. This week has been horrible because almost every house we go to someone is sick. It is making our appointmenst very few. But we have gotten quite a few investigators. We just need to meet with them. But I am avoiding being sick. I can't afford it. But for all of you stay healthy and don't die on me. Ha
Weather has been really weird here. It has rained for 4 days straight pretty much. We laughed and told Elder Goff that it only rains 5 days out of the year. He is just getting all of them at once. But temperature wise it has been great! Not too hot but just right. Thanks for showing me the snow I don't miss haha. I hope you guys can dig yourselves out of all that. But we are looking forward to awesome week. Mom I hope my journal gets here soon, I can't miss a day ha. I am happy and I love you guys so much you have no idea how much of an influence you have on me and this wonderful work that I am doing. I will leave with a scripture I really liked today in my personal study. It is Jacob 4:10. It is talking about we have all these problems and things taht can happen and when we have a problem. Take the counsel from the Lord. It is a powerful scripure. It goes hand in hand with 1 Nephi 15:8 Have ye inquired of the Lord? I love the scriptures. And what they say to me.
Thank you, Love, Elder Wade

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exciting news/ Transfer News!!

Hey Everyone!!
Thanks for all of your letters. Yes, Grandma and Grandpa, I did get your letters, it means a lot to me.
Well to start off... Baptisms saturday went great and I was able to baptize R.., then on Sunday I was able to confirm C..... It is so amazing to see the change that has taken place in their lives. They have grown closer together as well as to Our Lord. C... has some health problems to we had to have Elder Jones and a former companion baptize her. I had to say goodbye to Elder Jones yesterday and man, that was hard. He has helped me grow so much and we have accomplished a lot. I am hoping to carry on this momentum that we have and use for the better. Which brings me to my next news, I am not getting Transfered, and I am going to be in Surprise for two more transfers, because... I have been assigned to be a trainer. I was a little nervous at first but if the Lord and President trust me to do it, I guess the lord will provide a way. But if being called to be a trainer wasn't enough I got a call from President and he wants me to be a District Leader!! I am still in shock! I don't know who my companion is yet, nor does President. He told me today that the Spirit hasn't told him yet. Plus a District Leader. Man It going to be a crazy transfer...
Thanks mom for getting that journal, I wasn't getting a suit it was Elder Jones. All of his were ripped, so I tagged along. Also could you transfer some money over I need to buy another bike tube, now that Elder Jones is gone I can get back on bike, and one of the other missionaries keeps popping all the tubes that he has bought, but I need my bike back! So if you get that to me that would be wonderful.
So since I have been recently called to leadership one principle has been on my mind... Obedience. I love the Scripture in 2 Nephi 5:27. When we are obedient we are happy. I have recognized that when I have been more obediant I have been so much more happy. It is such an eternal principle. Elder Holland was giving a talk to mission presidents. and says obedience is the biggest thing for a missionary. He says It starts with the Morning Schedule, if you do that right, then so will our day and week, month mission, marriage, life and everything. It is amazing of the blessings that we can see as we merely just keep the commandments.
Good luck in all that cold, I still don't miss it. We are perfect right now, 70-80 it is super nice. I am not looking forward to the summer though. Thanks for all your prayers and love. I love you and keep magnifing your callings the Lord will bless you. I love you so much.
Elder Wade

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best Pday Ever!

Sorry for writing so late, it has been such a fantastic day. Since it was Elder Jones' last pday we had to make it a good one. IT started with a early morning hike that was pretty short just a mile in and a mile out. But it was awesome we got to look out over the valley and it was so awesome. Then we came back and had studies. We then had this family that lives in our zone leaders area took all six of us bowling and laser tagging! It was awesome! I loved it so much. I stunk it up in bowling, though. It was super fun. We are now finally relaxing and a getting ready to work this evening. I'll send pictures next week.
We did teach a little bit more this week. Elder Jones wants to finish strong, so that is exactly what we are doing. It has been colder, but it has been bearable, still no heater, but I am happy I have my nifty blanket to keep me warm at night. We are still a go for C..... and R.. to be baptized for this weekend and we are so excited. That would mean, four baptisms for this transfer. I am so happy with the work we are doing and we are still going strong. I don't see us slowing down at all but we are taking all chances we can. It has been ruff though. I wake up every morning more tired then the day before... It was way funny and I am always happy.
Mom, I am glad that your talk went well. Dad, did you know that those letters on faith used to be in the Doctrine and COvenants, but since it wasn't exactly direct revelation it was taken out in one of the las t revisions. Interesting huh? We have also focused on learning by the spirit. We learn that the more we learn the more advantage that we will have in the world to come, this doesn't mean we will continue to learn but we be able to use the things that we have learned in detail. ANd it is best to learn by the spirit. I love the feeling of learning something new as I read and ponder. I have started the Book of Mormon again and I ma going through looking for Character of Christ. Examples of Turning out not in. Doing this hopefully I can take off the natural man and become a saint throught the atonement.
Jarret, I forgot to say last week, but congrats! Awesome calling. I don't know of what that will all entail, but that is really cool. Lucky for you guys and that awesome cold weather, you can keep it, I don't want it. How is wrestling going? One of my zone leaders is a wrestler and took state in freestyle a couple years ago and his brother is a triple crown. We were talking of how much we miss it. Oh could someone send me another journal? I am running out of room in my first one. I try to write in it every night. I have truelly gained a testimony of Journal writing. I love you guys so much. You have no idea of how much you mean to me. I let you know next tuesday about transfer news.
Love ya.
Elder Wade

Monday, January 7, 2013

2nd week of the year!

Not it is like perfect here, other than the mornings and nights. We bundle up for jogging in the morning and I bundle up during studies. I think our heater is broken, because I freeze in the morning. It was below 60 degrees in our room the other day, Crazy! We did have a baptism on Saturday it was great! S.... was a long time coming. she was comfirmed yesterday and then bore her testimony. Such a sweet testimony. She talked of her path towards baptism and that she was investigating for over a year just because she wanted her questions answered. She told that her friend put her name on the prayer roll and right when she did that the missionaries knocked on here door. Crazy stuff but I know the Lord has prepared her. This is something to answer your question mom about your talk. In past conferences we have talked about knowing and testifing. you start with I think, I believe, I know and I testify. Increasingly these have more power in the way you speak. As a missionary we testify of truth, nothing wavering. I hope that helps.
Sorry dad I don't have time to look at your lesson plan, we have to go to the mission office today. There is never enough time of the day. We have two on date for the 19th right now. An older married couple and they are awesome Elder Jones has taught them for awhile now and they have changed so much and it is amazing to see that change. R.. the husband, came up to me on saturday and asked me if I would be the one to baptize him. I told him that he has no Idea of how honored I would be to do it. He is a special guy and has so much faith and trust in the Lord. We have been working hard and it has been a crazy week but we are going to have Elder Jones leave with a bang. I love you good luck with all you do and stay smart, and spiritual.
Love, Elder Wade

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Happy New Year!
Hey! THings are going great here, but hard. We had all our appointments for the last five days fall through... Ruff but it keeps us humble, but part of me wants too blame it on the dang holidays. It has been so hard to get any work done. We were in all of last Monday and Tuesday and we are shut down tonight and tomorrow. It is going to be hard but we have a baptism this weekend. Her name is Sh, she has been investigating since March. She was going to wait a year to be baptized but she bumped it up after general conference. Christmas was great, I loved it! We did eat at a family's house, there was about 30 there. It was crazy but it was really good food. Nothing like Grandma's though. We have been cold here. I am freezing in the mornings, we even had to turn the heater on because it got in the 50s in our house. Nothing like you guys, it just looks way too cold and not for me, Arizona in the winter is the best! Ha but I am sure you guys are making the best of it. I told the Mileys they were crazy for going up there for the winter. They are awesome, Brother Miley is our Ward Mission Leader in Cactus Lane. He is so funny! So we know them really well.
I hope things are going well, setting new goals and such. This new year is going to be awesome. I can't believe it is already 2013 it has been the fastest last year of my life it has been super fun. Dad, I want you to know that we look forward to going to Gospel Doctrine class. It is the only part that is happy when you don't have any investigators at Chruch. Gospel Principles is all right we really have our ward try to teach according to the needs of our investigators that come. Yesterday there was a good thought, the teacher taught how the Book of Mormon is the Keystone of Religion. He said even though we have stopped studying about it doesn't mean that we stop reading it. It made me think about how I gained my testimony of it and how much I love the Book. It brings so much comfort to my life and it has been a life changing Book. I have read it everyday since I have left and it is a habit I don't want to lose. I know it is true and that it holds of Chruch together. It testifies of Christ and his atonement. I love it.
I love you guys so much, Idon't think I can thank you enough of how much you have blessed me. You mean so much to me. Good luck with everything Travel safe in that freezing cold weather you have don't send it down here. Happy New Year! Love you,
Elder Wade