Monday, January 7, 2013

2nd week of the year!

Not it is like perfect here, other than the mornings and nights. We bundle up for jogging in the morning and I bundle up during studies. I think our heater is broken, because I freeze in the morning. It was below 60 degrees in our room the other day, Crazy! We did have a baptism on Saturday it was great! S.... was a long time coming. she was comfirmed yesterday and then bore her testimony. Such a sweet testimony. She talked of her path towards baptism and that she was investigating for over a year just because she wanted her questions answered. She told that her friend put her name on the prayer roll and right when she did that the missionaries knocked on here door. Crazy stuff but I know the Lord has prepared her. This is something to answer your question mom about your talk. In past conferences we have talked about knowing and testifing. you start with I think, I believe, I know and I testify. Increasingly these have more power in the way you speak. As a missionary we testify of truth, nothing wavering. I hope that helps.
Sorry dad I don't have time to look at your lesson plan, we have to go to the mission office today. There is never enough time of the day. We have two on date for the 19th right now. An older married couple and they are awesome Elder Jones has taught them for awhile now and they have changed so much and it is amazing to see that change. R.. the husband, came up to me on saturday and asked me if I would be the one to baptize him. I told him that he has no Idea of how honored I would be to do it. He is a special guy and has so much faith and trust in the Lord. We have been working hard and it has been a crazy week but we are going to have Elder Jones leave with a bang. I love you good luck with all you do and stay smart, and spiritual.
Love, Elder Wade

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