Monday, January 28, 2013

I do not miss all that snow!

So it has been a crazy week! Elder Jones left and I am sure he is doing great, probably bored though. My new companion is Elder Goff! He is the Man! He is from Aberdeen, Idaho. He says he knows the Corbridges... He is related to Becks. But I love him. Mom, the reason that he looks so young, is because he is! He is the one of the first 18 year olds. He said as soon as he headr the age change he knew what he had to do. He is a really easy going guy and is super smart. I wonder what President was thinking when he put two Idaho boys together. I don't do much as a trainer other then give advice and uplift. We have this greta progra called the 12 week program, which makes training super easy. So on top of getting the assignment of being district leader, I had my first baptismal interview the next day! It was acctually really fun. I really enjoyed getting to know them and just listening to their testimony and the great desire that they have. That is one of the responsiblities as a district leader. I also oversee one other companionship. They are awesome and I have known them for a little bit now. I can't believe I am in Leadership and only out 6 months. I am also over district meetings, which are fun. And doing exchanges with the Other elders in my district. Ha it was kind of funny, Elder Goff told me that six months sounds like I have been out forever. But I only feel that I have been out for a couple of days. Great missionary, he will be.
Sounds fun with all of you guys and all your sicknesses. My prayers are with you. I haven't gotten it yet but I did get a little head cold about six weeks ago. But it isn't as bad as what some have gotten. This week has been horrible because almost every house we go to someone is sick. It is making our appointmenst very few. But we have gotten quite a few investigators. We just need to meet with them. But I am avoiding being sick. I can't afford it. But for all of you stay healthy and don't die on me. Ha
Weather has been really weird here. It has rained for 4 days straight pretty much. We laughed and told Elder Goff that it only rains 5 days out of the year. He is just getting all of them at once. But temperature wise it has been great! Not too hot but just right. Thanks for showing me the snow I don't miss haha. I hope you guys can dig yourselves out of all that. But we are looking forward to awesome week. Mom I hope my journal gets here soon, I can't miss a day ha. I am happy and I love you guys so much you have no idea how much of an influence you have on me and this wonderful work that I am doing. I will leave with a scripture I really liked today in my personal study. It is Jacob 4:10. It is talking about we have all these problems and things taht can happen and when we have a problem. Take the counsel from the Lord. It is a powerful scripure. It goes hand in hand with 1 Nephi 15:8 Have ye inquired of the Lord? I love the scriptures. And what they say to me.
Thank you, Love, Elder Wade

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