Monday, February 4, 2013

Feburary The Season of Love...

Why hello!
It is has been a crazy week! I love Elder Goff he is a stud. It is cool to say the Lord is hastening the work. Not only is he preparing people to hear the gospel, but he is also preparing those to share it it. Elder Goff is extrordinary. He always has good ideas, and can usually find ways to connect with others. That is something that I struggled with when I first came out. Mom I am pretty sure that is his Aunt. He says his cousin were way big into wrestling and I asked him if he knew George Summers and he said oh he is a funny guy. So We Have people in common. WE joke around with people and tell the reason they put two Idaho boys together is because they know the work will get done. It sounds a little prideful though. He is a great missionary. We are working with as always partmember families. We have recently rediscoverd that they are a gold mine. One family that we are working with are so keen on coming back and the kids are getting it so well. The one boy reminds me a lot like Jayson. Always has something to say and is always eager. I love teaching them though. We are still teaching Sand J. This will be their sixth kid between the two of them. Ha they are super funny I love them to death. Our lessons are always exciting.
This upcoming week we have zone conference. That should be good. I thought I would get out of doing a district meeting but I still have one. Oh well, we will make it good. I love being with the people that I am with. We just had exciting news this week. President has amanded our dinner policy. We can eat with all members now, instead of just nonmembers less actives and recent converts. It is great. But it is alot more strict in other areas. We will use it as a tool not a way just to eat. It will be a good opportunity to share the missionary spirit with these families.
I can't believe that this summer that there will be that many missionaries out from our ward. That is so cool. I can't wait to hear about their successes. The youth are being so prepared it is way cool to see. Jayson, even though the age is lowered the expectations are higher, don't procastinate like I did. Be involved. Good luck with everything, Jarret don't die from school and lack of sleep. I love you all.
Elder Wade

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