Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week of June, Last week of the Transfer‏

Wasn't that Leadership training/Largest zone conference remarkable! They showed us how to be master Teachers! I say that because they not only spoke, but they used videos and stories to get what they were saying across to us. I loved every minute. We don't know when all the changes that Elder Perry will happen, but we know that will start to be phased in the next year. Working a lot more with members. We already stopped tracting months ago. Just isn't safe anymore, and people don't trust like they used to.
Thanks for all the cards I got this week. They were much needed and appreciated. I got the ones from Grandma and Grandpa Wade, and Grandma Pali. Thank you so much. Dad I know what you mean when you say you can get attached to families. On Thursday we got invited to a family's home, where they made me a cake and we had a great time. They are an amazing example, of being yourself and sharing the Gospel. She actually went. Rexburg career beauty college. They are probably one of my favorites here.
Jarret remember mosiah 4:27 you are going to kill yourself!! Keep it up though. I'll stick with my 30
Wade and Loper - Jake's Birthday

Elder Bressler, Wade and Sister Franz all from Rexburg serving together  
minutes of cardio a day haha. Lately Elder Loper  and I have been trying to have daily contact with those we teach. Especially those who are going to be baptized soon or have been baptized recently. We have gotten with the times and we share a scripture of the day, that we have found in our personal study. It has kept us on task and you can see the change. One family said that once we started sending those they were having more regular scripture study. We have more progressing and so much potential. The work is hastening not changing. We have been given tools to do good, but sometimes they are a two edge sword. Share gospel. Do it by your example on Facebook, blogs, etc... You never know who's life you will change.
I Love all of you so much and are great examples to me. Keep it up!
Love Elder Wade
P.S. Mom I should have told you this sooner, but I need more contacts...

Monday, June 17, 2013

A baptism to remember‏

To my dear family and friends,
This weekend was incredible!! Just so fantastic and I grew in my testimony so much! The L....had their baptism this weekend and it was... The only two words that come to mind are sacred and beautiful. The best part was seeing their smiles as they entered into the waters. Never have I felt a spirit so strong. The part was when the L.....' daughter and two other girls from the ward sang a musical number before the actual ordinance and the spirit just came flooding after that.
While they were getting changed we shared a message and our testimonies on having faith to endure trials. We shared a mormon message titled "Men's hearts shall fail them." Fantastic video Where we learn that we all have trials but through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be rewarded with our Faith. In 1 Peter we read a scripture about how our trials are like gold. They are something that are great at the moment and they may go away with the things of this world. We see that we can have a great reward because of our faith patience and dilligence. The fruit is great and most precious above all. Great blessings are in store for those that endure it well.
The last couple weeks have been really hard. These next couple weeks will be hard as well. A lot of the members, missionaries and pretty much everyone is expecting me to get transferred. It is hard for me because I love this place. I am scared for what is to come but at the same time I feel comfort. I feel that what ever happens is because it is need for me and from me. I'll grow from it, but it will still be hard. They said that the mission is hard, but what they didn't tell you is that the hardest part is having to leave or see loved ones go. I feel that this is my home. "I will go where you want me to go. Do what you want me to do. Be what you want me to be." These are the words that echo what my heart is saying to me.
I am greatful for the love that I have from all of you. I can feel your prayers. What is intersting is the families that played a key roll in the L....' conversions where families that have missionaries out. They hear all the experiences from their sons and daughtes and now they have experiences of their own. Have a great week. I will. I love and appreciate the gifts and cards. Happy Father's day one day late!
Elder Wade  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Life is full of Miracles‏

Dear family and friends,
So the Elders in our house have benn counting down til my birthday. Glad to know they care. Ha Mom... how many is this away from home? Haha, I will be taken care of because we are going to the temple. We scheduled it out so I will be getting up super early to go hit up a session. I am way excited. It is a good birthday present. It is a good reminder that this day still isn't about me but about others. We had a leaderdhip conference where it was reaffirmed to me that I am here to help others have the best day, mission and life possible. I love this work I wouldn't be doing anything different.
This past week was such a fantastic week. It is neat to see all the little miracles. Growing up I always figured that miracles where these big life saving/changing events. But that isn't at all how God works most of the time. He does it line upon line, here alittle and there alittle. This week for example, we didn't have a big huge week, but the L.. passed their interviews so they can be baptized this week. The other Elders got a referral from a member that just happened to stop by the church on Saturday and see a lady that wanted to learn more. We got a referral that is a family of seven, five which are baptism age, which are super prepared. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and quit drink coffee already. They are well on their way. These events did not happen by mere coincidence, but rather by the hand of the Lord. He is an unchanging God and he is not done performing his miracles.
Technology is not a coincidence either. It is another powerful tool in the Lord's hands. This week we have been sending texts to our investigators and members of a scripture of the day. They love it! Todays is Mormon 9:21.
I want you to know that you are miracles in my life. I love you and I wouldn't be here without your help. This week find the little miracles in your life. I know that you will recognize the spirit more and will receive more blessings for thanking the Lord for them.
Dad Happy Fathers Day!
Love Elder Wade  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Overcoming the World‏

Hey Everybody!
This morning I had an interesting song stuck in my head. It was the one that says "waiting! Waiting, on the world to change." That song, I know not the most consecrated song, but it was just that line over and over. It carried me to personal study where I started in the topical guide and looked up the Word of Wisdom. I started in the Book of Mormon and just continued. My study took me to 1 John 5:1-5. It brings up how we need to overcome the world. Why wait for the world to change when you can receive eternal life? This one commandment stems of the 2nd commandments in the 10: Don't put anything before God. All that he wants us to do is rely on him and him alone. It was really neat. I knew right then, that it stems off the first commandment that tells us to love God with all of our heart, might, mind and strength. It was a fantastic realization, that when we rely on God and no other person, or object we will be happy. I love the Gospel!!
This week wasn't half bad. We taught a lot and on Thursday we ended up having four lessons and weekly planning, it was crazy busy! It felt good. Our baptisms are right on their way and they are all doing awesome. The family is the best and already sharing the gospel with their friends and families. It is quite remarkable. M... is noticing the spirit more in her life. We planned on teaching her something and we go and asks us to talk about faith. We talked about then about enduring trials with faith. She told us later that she felt so stressed before then we taught and discussed and she felt so calm after. She then had a thought that tld her that this has to be true. It is so great to see that by small and simple means are great things brought to pass. J. and S., are doing better. J.has abeen working like a mad man lately and has been busy. back to the simple and clear teachings of reading the Book of Mormon daily. They will be on track again.
It sounds like you are all doing wonderful. Good luck with your freezing summer, I haven't minded triple digits yet, but what they say it is a dry heat... Mom love ya good luck with summer school. Dad I love you don't get to busy with work and stuff. Love you all keep your heads up.
Love Elder Wade  

Memorial Weekend...

So as you could tell we had to wait until today to email because the Library was closed yesterday, but that doesn't matter, we still had fun. This past week was a very interesting week with a lot going. We didn't have to many lessons or that many at sacrament, but we still grew and had a ton of fun. Since we talked last Elder Loper got sick right after and he was pretty much out for the count that night and a lot of the next day. But he recovered and we were able to teach three lessons in three hours Wednesday night. Gosh it was busy and draining, but it was so worth it.
Yesterday was so fun there is this place that sales random sodas and candy, it is pretty cool. They have soda flavors like; Ranch, Buffalo wing, peanut butter, "kittie Piddle", and others that are totally off the wall. I had the pleasure of drinking the buffalo wing one... Lets just say that it was like carbonated watered down buffalo wing sauce. It was nasty but I conquered it! Oh at church, we had someone visiting that I went to High school with. Her name is Hannah. I don't remember her last name, but she was visiting a family in our ward. It was interesting ha. Also yesterday as you saw we were with the Van Hooks, who pretty much have a tortoise farm. They are the best family ever! But we had a bbq with them and their family it was good. Still love to think that stateside is the way to go. haha
One of the hardest part of being here though, is having to explain why devastating and tragic things happen if when we have a loving Heavenly Father. After hearing about all the tragedies and devastation, I look forward with hope in the one true God. That things happen to bring those who choose to evil to justice and to help build our faith in him. Yes it is hard when it is a natural disaster, but even then, we have a God that never wants to punish us that will hold our hand through it all. My favorite Scripture is in Mosiah 24:10-12 where Alma and his people are told that they can't pray or they will be killed. The Lord promises them and us that he will always be with us when we hold true to the covenant that we have made with him. Don't you forget that our Lord and Savior descended below them all, just for that reason, to make it easier on us. It doesn't mean that life will be like walking through a field of daisies, because even then there might be rocks and thorns that plaque the way. Even the we remember our late ancestors, don't forget the perfect person who died for you and me.
I love you all. Keep having fun and keep your head up.
Love Elder Wade

One more transfer down...

Hey there!
It has been a fantastic week! We have a lot of good news. We have 5 on date for next month! I am glad I get to stay and see those people make one of the best decisions of their lives! We have the family of 4 on for the 15th and m....... for the 29th. It has been another miracle week! i am so happy to see the work hastening and the love increasing. This is seriously the best work ever.
We have been busy and that is good. We have one thing after another and there is never a dull moment. I just can't believe how fast time is going. I haven't had time to catch my breath and see where I am going. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best transfer yet. Because we are continually progressing and improving.
We have a lot of fantastic meetings coming up. I am getting excited about them. I am sure they are about catching the wave more. We need to make the wave. I mean look at it. Some one joins the church is truly converted shares the gospel it is the true pay it forward and the most rewarding. It remarkable to think about how much this work can and will progress.
Good luck with your last week of school. It seems like yesterday you were just starting. Seems like everyone has a busy summer ahead. Be safe and smart. You guys are always in my prayers. I love and thank you for raising me in this great and glorious gospel. It is the best thing.
I love you all,
Elder Wade

It was great to hear from you guys!

Long time no talk right? Ha it was great to hear your voices and hear how you are all doing and how you are progressing. It was fun and thanks for helping me be obedient. I honestly had no ideas what I was going to say before I called and still didn't have anything else that I wanted to say ha. I liked it better because we were able to go out and work after. We went and saw a couple that are recent converts and are kind of struggling....
This week will be awesome! We have a lot going on and I am hoping to make this another all blessings forward week. We are going to invite teach and testify. We will find along the way. It is going to be great.
It is weird that me being in this area for this long everyone telling me how much I have "blossommed." Ha They say 10 months ago I was really timid and now I am completely different. That is why I say that Elder Loper and Elder Goff are more prepared. They hit the ground running. I am happy for the progress I have made I know I can do a whole lot better. I can still change for the better.
I thank you again for the Love that you guys have shown to me and it fantastic to call you family. I love you forever. You are the best. Good luck finishing up school! Good Luck at work!
Elder Wade