Monday, June 3, 2013

Overcoming the World‏

Hey Everybody!
This morning I had an interesting song stuck in my head. It was the one that says "waiting! Waiting, on the world to change." That song, I know not the most consecrated song, but it was just that line over and over. It carried me to personal study where I started in the topical guide and looked up the Word of Wisdom. I started in the Book of Mormon and just continued. My study took me to 1 John 5:1-5. It brings up how we need to overcome the world. Why wait for the world to change when you can receive eternal life? This one commandment stems of the 2nd commandments in the 10: Don't put anything before God. All that he wants us to do is rely on him and him alone. It was really neat. I knew right then, that it stems off the first commandment that tells us to love God with all of our heart, might, mind and strength. It was a fantastic realization, that when we rely on God and no other person, or object we will be happy. I love the Gospel!!
This week wasn't half bad. We taught a lot and on Thursday we ended up having four lessons and weekly planning, it was crazy busy! It felt good. Our baptisms are right on their way and they are all doing awesome. The family is the best and already sharing the gospel with their friends and families. It is quite remarkable. M... is noticing the spirit more in her life. We planned on teaching her something and we go and asks us to talk about faith. We talked about then about enduring trials with faith. She told us later that she felt so stressed before then we taught and discussed and she felt so calm after. She then had a thought that tld her that this has to be true. It is so great to see that by small and simple means are great things brought to pass. J. and S., are doing better. J.has abeen working like a mad man lately and has been busy. back to the simple and clear teachings of reading the Book of Mormon daily. They will be on track again.
It sounds like you are all doing wonderful. Good luck with your freezing summer, I haven't minded triple digits yet, but what they say it is a dry heat... Mom love ya good luck with summer school. Dad I love you don't get to busy with work and stuff. Love you all keep your heads up.
Love Elder Wade  

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