Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Weekend...

So as you could tell we had to wait until today to email because the Library was closed yesterday, but that doesn't matter, we still had fun. This past week was a very interesting week with a lot going. We didn't have to many lessons or that many at sacrament, but we still grew and had a ton of fun. Since we talked last Elder Loper got sick right after and he was pretty much out for the count that night and a lot of the next day. But he recovered and we were able to teach three lessons in three hours Wednesday night. Gosh it was busy and draining, but it was so worth it.
Yesterday was so fun there is this place that sales random sodas and candy, it is pretty cool. They have soda flavors like; Ranch, Buffalo wing, peanut butter, "kittie Piddle", and others that are totally off the wall. I had the pleasure of drinking the buffalo wing one... Lets just say that it was like carbonated watered down buffalo wing sauce. It was nasty but I conquered it! Oh at church, we had someone visiting that I went to High school with. Her name is Hannah. I don't remember her last name, but she was visiting a family in our ward. It was interesting ha. Also yesterday as you saw we were with the Van Hooks, who pretty much have a tortoise farm. They are the best family ever! But we had a bbq with them and their family it was good. Still love to think that stateside is the way to go. haha
One of the hardest part of being here though, is having to explain why devastating and tragic things happen if when we have a loving Heavenly Father. After hearing about all the tragedies and devastation, I look forward with hope in the one true God. That things happen to bring those who choose to evil to justice and to help build our faith in him. Yes it is hard when it is a natural disaster, but even then, we have a God that never wants to punish us that will hold our hand through it all. My favorite Scripture is in Mosiah 24:10-12 where Alma and his people are told that they can't pray or they will be killed. The Lord promises them and us that he will always be with us when we hold true to the covenant that we have made with him. Don't you forget that our Lord and Savior descended below them all, just for that reason, to make it easier on us. It doesn't mean that life will be like walking through a field of daisies, because even then there might be rocks and thorns that plaque the way. Even the we remember our late ancestors, don't forget the perfect person who died for you and me.
I love you all. Keep having fun and keep your head up.
Love Elder Wade

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