Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy late Thanksgiving

Happy late Thanksgiving!
So we only ended up having one dinner appointment. It was good because they had a 30 pound turkey!! This thing was massive. I was so full and we are still having left overs. We seem to come home with a different pie everynight. It is crazy but is really good. I have gained weight but the other elders in our zone took the scale so I don't know how much I have gained. Which I can just tell by looking at me. I still do pushups and and ab workouts every morning so it is just being in a car area. It kills you... I still think it is weird that we need a holiday to say we are thankful. We can say thanks everyday, but if is just an excuse to eat good food I will go with it. A scripture that really stuck out to me this morning in my reading was Alma 26:37 . It is a good one from Ammon, this is a really good chapter about being confident in a good way.
So we had a disappointment this weekend our date fell through with N...! He doesn't feel that he is ready! He was doing so well, three weeks smoke free and drops his date. We will continue to work on him this month and see if we can turn that around. We had a total of four come to sacrament yesterday which is good we are working up and will get them to keep coming. I am excited for Ti...she is still on her road to baptism and she is learning. I am excited if she wants to she can go to the christmas lights at the Mesa temple we can go with her. It is a big thing and I would really want investigators to go.
It sounds that you all had a great thanksgiving. Kolee's hair is so red! Ha I do miss you but I am where I am needed. I ma doing what the Lord wants me to do. I am always striving to be a representive of Jesus Christ in all what I do. It is hard but it is for the better. I love this season. I love it for the spirtual sense not the worldly problems. Focus on Chirst.
I love you, Elder Wade

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Letter

So I just sent some pictures... Some are of the baptisms of T..., S..... and M.... T.... is the one with Pink hair, S.... the one with the kids and the one with Just us and M.... And the other one is of Elder Jones and I with John Bytheway! Yes we met him Saturday night he was at a youth conference so after we got in and saw him. In is nice when the building is right in your area. He was pretty funny you can tell with the big goofy smile on my face.
So we are still working hard still have all three still on date, N..... is still smoke free so he is doing great, just has been suffering from being sick, I think it is just the body trying to tell him he needs the smoke. T... is doing awesome, suppossedly the person baptizing her is a 70... So that is really exciting. speaking of 70s we had Elder Koelliker here with us this week. He is awesome and I learned so much. We are focusing more on relying on the spirit. I have been trying really hard to stay true and listen to that gift of guidence and direction. The more I see the blessings in my life, the more I feel the spirit. I have been studying hard to. first seek to obtain the word.. And it has helped a lot, like just the other day we had to use doctrine to explain the outcome of the election. By the way, I am so happy that it is over, I was getting tired of hearing aout it and still am. We pretty much told this family that God doesn't care who the people choose to be their leader as long as they are living the commmandments he has given us. We live accordingly and we shouldn't have to worry about he end because we will be set. They probaly didn't like my answer but hey it was revelation. Elder Jones and I decided in a states mission you learn more aout deep doctrine and church leadership. Which so far it has been proven true.. We had a long disscussion on some deep doctrine, I have learned a lot.
 We so far only have a couple of appointments for thanksgiving we are going for more.. Not that I need them I have gained weight and I don't have a scale to check... Thanks for transferring money over so I can buy some sweaters.
I am so greatful for all that you do, you mean so much to me. I am greatful for this gospel I have been raised in and principles that apply. Great Job Jayosn on wrestling and if Jarret had to coach they must e really hurting for coaches.. Just kidding. Love you so much you are always in my prayers. Keep being awesome
Elder Jake Wade
Elder Jones , John Bytheway and Jake

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Fantastic Week‏...

So this was probably the busiest I have been yet! Elder Jones has been pushing me so much even so that he is sick today. Ha But he is awesome, Being the only member in his family gives me strength and strengthens my testimony also of the divinity of this great and marvelous work. He is awesome and I love working with him. He said that his family isn't too supportive, that it took a lot of ofasting and prayer for them to say that it was ok for him to be baptized. There are things that he does that i hope to pick up.
Speaking of Baptism, We have three on date. One for January, another for Dec 15th and the last for Dec 1st. The first I mentioned is a lady that has been investigating for about a year now, ... Next one is a lady named T.... , man do we love T. Let me tell you how we came in contact with her. it was a Pday about a month and a half ago. A couple of missionaries wanted to get Mcdonalds after shopping so we are in Walmart and this lady comes up to us and asks what wards we cover. I tell her the Cactus Lane ward. She said that she lives in that one and told me that she wants to be baptized and asked how she would go about doing that. I was completely blown away. We weren't able to meet with her until this last week. She called me a day before we met with her and asked.. How does Dec 15th look for me getting baptized? again I was blown away. I wanted to say, chill we haven't even met with you yet. She is married to a member that tells her all about the church. So she already knows it is true. Lastly we have N....., He is awesome, we are his 5th set of missionaries and he wants to be sealed to his wife that is a member and all he has standing in the way of baptism is smoking. He gave us his pack of ciggerettes the other day so we could get rid of them. There is no better feelig then destorying the drug that destroys so many people's lives . He is well determined about being baptized so we are looking forward to that.
Wow, it sounds way too cold up there. I can say that my blood has already been thinned. I am freezing. I traded one of my new ties for a sweater. Silly me, I didn't think I would ever be cold here. So if you could sennd me some sweats or transfer money so I could buy some that would be great, because my morning runs are getting pretty chilly. Thanks.
Sorry mom that you are sick but I know a priesthood blessing does marvelous work. I know that the Priesthood is power given to us to do God's will on Earth. We had one of those Stake Conferences that was broadcasted and we had Jeffery Holland and Pres. Eyring. They both discussed Missionary work and Temple work. They are combined and it is all part of gathering of Zion. Elder Holland Talked about how members need to be part of the work. Saying, you want your sons or daughters have successful missions, so you need to help the missionaries that are in your ward find the people that you love. Very powerful. If members found people for us to teach that would mean I wouldn't have to tract, which would be awesome, because some people can get pretty rude.
It sounds like you are all having so much fun with work, hunting, sports, and school. Good luck in all what you do. I love you all so much you are always in my prayers and I love telling people about how much I love you guys.
Love Elder Wade

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Companion ... Surprise :)

This week was so crazy! Fist to find out that Elder K.... would be transferred and that he would be district leader in his new area, what a stud. I now have a new companion, his name Elder J..... He is from Portland, and the only member from his family. He joined when he was 17. He said it was hard on his family, but he is an extordainary missionary. He has left for how much I have been out. He isn't new to Surprise, he served in the North Surprise Stake for almost a year!! That is so long. He taught a couple that ended up moving into our ward .  So nice and I love them to death. Hopefully we can get them progressing more and members by the time that Elder J.... home in January. Miricales can happen.
Taking over the area was hard at first, but it is actually really easy now. We have been working with a lot of Part member families, because we want to focus them on the happy eternal family that both parents want. And the great thing is, is that there is an instant fellowshipper. That is something that we really need to pick up, member present lessons. If you have a friend that they can really connect to they will progress so much faster.  M.... is doing great, a lot of people stuggled having Elder K.... leave because he was here for so long. He was having such a hard time. But with what I have heard the first transfer is the hardest.
Halloween was exciting only got to work a couple of hours, we had to be in by six. There are some pretty crazy people/ Churches here. One called CCV. Very interesting church, pretty much a rock concert every sunday. We just found out that it was started by an ex-member. Some really weird things...
Jayson you stud! Wrestling like a champ.  I am proud of you. But Dancing??? You leave that in ballroom class. You should shoot at least 30 times within the first minute. You can't wait for them you have to be persistent. But now that you have had an excellent weekend stay humble. Humility is one of the greatest Chrstlike attributtes, but one of the hardest to gain. Build of the wins that you have had a remember the one who has blessed you with your talents.
I love you all so much you are all such a blessing to me. I feel your love and prayers. Keep up all what you do.
Love, Elder Jake Wade