Monday, August 19, 2013

First time ysa

Hope you all had a great week! Dad hope you had a great birthday, you are like 60 now? ha just kidding. 

This week has been such a great week. Being a Zone Leader is a total different experience, a lot more errands and a lot more meetings. It has been way fun though. Elder Wilson is the man, love him to death. He is a pro at talking with everyone which I am not so good at, so hopefully I can get better while I am with him. The good thing is that we have a fantastic zone full of great missionaries that are hard working. The weird thing is that I am like the 2nd oldest in the zone... We have such a young mission. It just means that we have to rely on the older missionaries to train and help the younger ones. 

Being in a the Phoenix North YSA is super cool. It is way different then being in a family ward, because of being with older people we are with people our age. So they really want to be your friends. They are way funny. We don't have too many investigators right now, because it is way different finding experience as well. We do have one on date right now here name is S...., she came 45 minutes early to church just to read from the Book of Mormon. She is also high school Spanish teacher. Way cool! 

Other than that it has been a huge learning experience. Jarret you are crazy. I am the only in my apartment that likes to run... We will work on that. But I love you and appreciate all that you do for me. You have put me through a lot. 

Love, Elder Wade   

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well What do you all think?
 I know for one thing this transfer went so fast! I can't believe it has came already. Got the text earlier... I am being transferred!! I can't believe it, better yet, I just got a call from President Taylor and he asked me to be Zone Leader... I am excited. I thought I would be nervous, but I am just gun hoe

ready to go. Lets do this! Ha It is pretty neat. I know I was in this area for a reason. I know it wasn't just for the tech stuff. I have learned a lot and am really looking forward to what is next.
I have a lot of fun this week. Honestly the heat hasn't been that bad. I will send you some pictures that I took of my shoes... You will see what hot bike pedal does to shoes. It is pretty funny. I don't have to worry about biking too much for the next little bit. I really did enjoy it though. As you can tell I have been cleaning up my facebook. I prayed about it and feel good about combining the two that I have. It has really helped me see growing up, I was a stupid teenager. I said some ridiculous things on there. It has really helped me see how much the engrossed in the Gospel this much has helped me become the better person. I wish I would stayed more on task with my scripture study and prayers. Because by small and simple things are great things brought to past.
So Jayson, even though you are a teenager now, you need to be smart! Something that I have taken into my life the last couple of months is be the missionary your parents want you to be. So Jayson be the student, the son that mom and dad see you as.
  Good luck with everything. It is really intersting to see all your posts. Your profiles are great. Oh btw most of the Zone Leaders cover YSAs, that should be interesting. Have fun starting your new job Dad. The sidewalk looks great!
Elder Wade  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Having Direction

It has been a super busy week, but it has been probably been one of the best guided as well. This week we had a meeting with Brother Donaldson, he is one of those high ups in the missionary department. Our mission is now a online proselyting mission! We got more direction of whta we can do, what we shouldn't do and now our job is to tighten up. I see that my mission is not just for two years, but this opens an opportunity of me being a missionary for life. He shared the scripture in Matthew 24:14, which you think it would be scary that the Apostles are using that as a sign to the coming of the Savior, but it is so exciting! Think of it, all of those countries like China that there isn't missionaries in yet, now have a better opportuntiy to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is how the Gospel goes to all the world. I only have a little perspective of the things to come.
Not only is the world missionary work doing well, but so is our own here. We have five on date for the next six weeks. I am kinda hoping I stick around another transfer, but I am not sure right now. There is a lot of good work, right now for this next week we will have about 20 lessons. Some of the people we have on date want to be baptized, for example we are teaching this 70 year-old lady, that we invited to be baptized on the 24th and she wants to be baptized sooner. It is crazy but we are making it work. Also another couple in their 60s just quit smoking and drinking this week and the have been doing it for 20+ years. It is a divine blessing to see the spirit change lives for the better.
All I can say that I love this Gospel and I have had my own change of heart. Never would I have thought missionary work would be were it is now. Imagine where it will be even in Jayson's time? Crazy! Happy soon to be birthday by the way... you are like 4 now? Ha have a good one. Good luck with work, getting ready for a new school year or a new job. Life is good. I love you guys, you have no idea how much the Lord trusts us. I am looking forward to teaching lessons with my loved ones.
Elder Wade