Monday, April 29, 2013

It is getting hot!

Sorry Jarret that is probably the best of my Spanish right there. Ha, There isn't much here because everyone here speaks english, and even that is hard to understand sometimes.
It was a good weekend. B and E were baptized by their dad and then were confirmed by the young men's president. It was super good and a lot of people showed up for the service. Unfortantly we didn't have to many come to Sacrament though. It was a strange weekend either everyone was gone or was sick. But I am really looking forward to this week. We have a lot lessons set up and even J and S are blessing their b.... They are having a member do it.
This past week was quite humbling though. We as missionaries get caught up in the numbers and forget the real purpose why we are here. We got Standards of Excellence as a zone and we had an opportunity as a district. We are going to be super close this week though. We Just need to find those prescious souls. These last couple weeks I have found Joy in finding. We had an investigator put it really well that happiness is only momentary but joy is everlasting. She said when we follow Christ we have Eternal joy. Gosh that is so true. I have seen that following the example of our savior bring happiness but when we are converted we feel the joy. I love this gospel and that it unites. It brings peace to our souls. It is hard not to see the change that being out here has made on me. I have become such a better teacher. I invited on of our bishops to speak at our district meeting and he goes back to the ward council yesterday and gave me such a nice compliment. He told me that I am a master teacher and that anyone should feel comfortable having us in their homes to teach the gospel. I have recognized that isn't me that it is the Spirit and that he is the master teacher.
I am excited for this week, even though it is going to be super hot. It really isn't that bad yet until you get in the car after it has been sitting out in the sun. Haven't had to ride bike that much though. But I am keeping my hair short so I can stay sane.
I love you so much and am greatful for the excitment back home. There is good things happening all around us. Enjoy track and the last month of school Jayse. Jarret are a great example to me and Jayson of unselfish service. Dad don't get to hot and sweaty haha. Mom keep those two under control.
Love Elder Jake Wade

Monday, April 22, 2013

April lack of showers... bring May baptisms‏

Dear everybody,
This week has been just an off shoot from our great Sunday. That couple that I have been working with since I got here accepted a date on May 24th!!  Our zone leaders say that we are leading the Zone in dates set and investigators at Sacrament. Yesterday we had 8 still good. It would have been nice to have this one couple there. It has been a fantastic week! The best part is that it isn't just our companionship, it is our whole district. Yes I am still district leader. We are going to have an even better week this week wit hthe two boys' baptism.
Speaking of being District Leader... Something that we have focused on a lot this past almost two months is talking to everyone. Something I struggle with really bad. It is just awkward at first. Now I can say that I am changed for the most part. The missionaries that I have talked to that are about to go home tell me that is their biggest regret. Not talking to everyone. This Morning in my personal study I read over the scripture study portion in the finding section and it told me that it is a commandment from our Heavenly Father to open our mouths and to declare to the gospel to every nation and every creature, in every tongue. It hit me so hard. I know what I need to do.
We are doing great. And staying quite warm haha. It sounds like things are like always with you all crazy and busy. It is a good thing though. I will do all that I can to send it your way. No promises. Thanks for all of your support and love. Mom tell Jake hi back and that he is about to do the greatest work ever!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Wade

Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Sunday in the field!

Hello Family and Friends!
As some of you know this week I got my new companion, Elder Loper. He is a great Elder. He is from Shelbyville, Indiana. He is a hard worker and has a lot of good ideas. It is amazing to see that fire that new missionaries have and it makes you want to do better. He is able to point out the good in things. He will do well. I am still trying to get over the fact that I am still here and that it has already been nine months. I will tell you what though. Elder came to this area at the right time. We have two baptisms on the 27th and they are good to go. The mom went up and bore her testimony yesterday and it was powerful of her coming back and that the timing of the Lord is uncomprehendible. It was great.
To add to that we found a family of 5 this week. They are so prepared by the members and they came to church yesterday. We had all together 10 investigatos come to church! It was fantastic! We just need to do that every week and we would be very very successful.
So I have been asking myself ever since I have been out on my mission, Why am I here? Who is there for me to find?- These questions have rung a new meaning and motivation this week. I am excited to just work and do everything I can to find who I am supposed to find. Even if I have to stay here all two years. 
What I do know is... That I am here for a purpose. That purpose is to share this beloved gospel with my brothers and sisters. This is salvation. I know that this has blessed my life and helped in my darkest hours. It has lifted me up when I was my lowest. I know my Savior lives, that he loves me and all of us. He Lives. This is his Chruch, and it is true.
I love you all. Keep up the good work. I will be here with my 90 degree weather and it will just continue to rise.
Love Elder Wade

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am officially Surprised!

Lets start first with thoughts on conference. It was so good! I felt like they were speaking straight to my investigators. We had one she took so many notes. Not as much as me, but she liked how much they focused on the family. She is a new wife and mother, so she is thinking a lot about it. I liked, who that they said that missionary work is a family affair. So true. A lot of those talks are bold, but are needed in a constantly changing and corrupt world. It is has been a great weekend.
Now for transfer news... I am staying in Surprise and will be here for at least until July. I got a call from President after Priesthood meeting and he wants me to train again. Not going to lie, was completely speechless. There must be people that I still need to see here. It is crazy. No one can replace Elder Goff though. He is a champ. Such a hard worker, and I look up to him. He is going to be a great leader on the mission. We had a meeting yesterday for the new trainers and President asked me to bring Elder Goff. He told the ones who weren't training yet that they would be soon. I will be here for pretty much half of my mission. Almost unheard of... ha but great things are already happening. Tonight we have a lesson with a new family. A family of ... and they are so ready! They are a referral from a member family that has already taught them a lot. There is also a grandma with them that is visting and was reading the Book of Mormon all of Sunday, and she lives in .... I hope she is in Elder Pali's area, or even Elder Nygren's. Ha I think it would be way neat. She is super prepared too.
As of now. I will get my new companion tomorrow and man am I excited for Round two. President said that there are two English learners that are coming in. One from Sweden and one from El Salvador. I think it would be neat to get one of them. I know this is where the Lord needs me. This is a great and marvelous work. My calling is great! I love you so much. You have no idea how much your support means to me. Keep having fun and be happy for the Lord blesses you. Stay true and obedient. I have gained a huge testimony on being obedient. I can't even imagine being disobedient. I love you so much.
Elder Wade

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just another Day in the office‏

Hey! Happy late Easter!
It was a super good Easter weekend for us. P....'s baptism went great! She is so solid and is already addicted to genelogy. Ha she is funny. I was given the opportunity to confirm her. Just think about it... Easter weekend, lots of people, and quite a few non members. I wasn't nervous until Sacrament meeting started then my heart just sank. It went real well though. On saturday though, we do a presentation while they are changng out of their baptismal clothes. We testified of the life and ressurection of our Savior. This time of year, it reminds of the talk given by President Eyring, where he says something to the effect of ; while the wolrd celebrates his death and ressurection, I recognize that Christ lived for us and lives for us today. Powerful words from an Apostle of the Lord. I love easter and we were well taken care of. Thank you mom for sending the package. I will send some pictures in a sec. We also got a ton of candy and a tie and I just think and they wonder why stateside missionaries get so fat!
Ha it has been awesome and it is hard to think that transfers are next week. I kind of don't want to leave surprise. This is the mission to me. But it doesn't matter where I serve just how I serve. I and I am going to work the hardest that I can and drop tired from exhaustion! Speaking of that we got news of new mission boundries. Our mission is losing the Phoenix Stake and we are getting back the Flagstaff stake! So pretty cool isn't in effect until July 1st, but pretty exciting.
It is neat to hear from you all. It sounds like it is starting to warm up there. You know my temps so I am not going to boast. Jayson you are stud. Especially when you are wearing my shoes! It is ok they fit the spidey man. Elder Robinson and I were saying that you look good. I regret not wrestling freestyle in the spring more. It would have been fun but I had a lot on my plate already. Keep going lift up your head. D&C 84:88. I love you and you are my "angels."
Love Elder Wade