Monday, April 29, 2013

It is getting hot!

Sorry Jarret that is probably the best of my Spanish right there. Ha, There isn't much here because everyone here speaks english, and even that is hard to understand sometimes.
It was a good weekend. B and E were baptized by their dad and then were confirmed by the young men's president. It was super good and a lot of people showed up for the service. Unfortantly we didn't have to many come to Sacrament though. It was a strange weekend either everyone was gone or was sick. But I am really looking forward to this week. We have a lot lessons set up and even J and S are blessing their b.... They are having a member do it.
This past week was quite humbling though. We as missionaries get caught up in the numbers and forget the real purpose why we are here. We got Standards of Excellence as a zone and we had an opportunity as a district. We are going to be super close this week though. We Just need to find those prescious souls. These last couple weeks I have found Joy in finding. We had an investigator put it really well that happiness is only momentary but joy is everlasting. She said when we follow Christ we have Eternal joy. Gosh that is so true. I have seen that following the example of our savior bring happiness but when we are converted we feel the joy. I love this gospel and that it unites. It brings peace to our souls. It is hard not to see the change that being out here has made on me. I have become such a better teacher. I invited on of our bishops to speak at our district meeting and he goes back to the ward council yesterday and gave me such a nice compliment. He told me that I am a master teacher and that anyone should feel comfortable having us in their homes to teach the gospel. I have recognized that isn't me that it is the Spirit and that he is the master teacher.
I am excited for this week, even though it is going to be super hot. It really isn't that bad yet until you get in the car after it has been sitting out in the sun. Haven't had to ride bike that much though. But I am keeping my hair short so I can stay sane.
I love you so much and am greatful for the excitment back home. There is good things happening all around us. Enjoy track and the last month of school Jayse. Jarret are a great example to me and Jayson of unselfish service. Dad don't get to hot and sweaty haha. Mom keep those two under control.
Love Elder Jake Wade

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