Monday, April 1, 2013

Just another Day in the office‏

Hey! Happy late Easter!
It was a super good Easter weekend for us. P....'s baptism went great! She is so solid and is already addicted to genelogy. Ha she is funny. I was given the opportunity to confirm her. Just think about it... Easter weekend, lots of people, and quite a few non members. I wasn't nervous until Sacrament meeting started then my heart just sank. It went real well though. On saturday though, we do a presentation while they are changng out of their baptismal clothes. We testified of the life and ressurection of our Savior. This time of year, it reminds of the talk given by President Eyring, where he says something to the effect of ; while the wolrd celebrates his death and ressurection, I recognize that Christ lived for us and lives for us today. Powerful words from an Apostle of the Lord. I love easter and we were well taken care of. Thank you mom for sending the package. I will send some pictures in a sec. We also got a ton of candy and a tie and I just think and they wonder why stateside missionaries get so fat!
Ha it has been awesome and it is hard to think that transfers are next week. I kind of don't want to leave surprise. This is the mission to me. But it doesn't matter where I serve just how I serve. I and I am going to work the hardest that I can and drop tired from exhaustion! Speaking of that we got news of new mission boundries. Our mission is losing the Phoenix Stake and we are getting back the Flagstaff stake! So pretty cool isn't in effect until July 1st, but pretty exciting.
It is neat to hear from you all. It sounds like it is starting to warm up there. You know my temps so I am not going to boast. Jayson you are stud. Especially when you are wearing my shoes! It is ok they fit the spidey man. Elder Robinson and I were saying that you look good. I regret not wrestling freestyle in the spring more. It would have been fun but I had a lot on my plate already. Keep going lift up your head. D&C 84:88. I love you and you are my "angels."
Love Elder Wade

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