Monday, March 25, 2013

It has been probably the best week on the mission‏

Hey all my loved ones and others that just read my emails!
Ha It has been such a good week. We taught like crazy!! It is the best when you know that you can go to teaching appointment to another teaching appointment. I have really found the spirit in this work. I think I was over complicating what a spiritual impression is and it is not big at all. Something that we have focused on was and is; making the spirit the senior companion. It has made the work that much easier and a lot less stressful. I don't know if I told you this, but about two weeks ago I was struggling pretty bad, it was mainly discouragement. I am happy that I have been taught to rely on he Lord. I prayed to know if this is where the Lord needed me. Next thing you know we are teaching and inviting. It just clicked. It has been so amazing.
We are still looking forward to the Baptism on Saturday. It is going to be great. P.... is so excited and we are too. We know this will be a great thing for her, and her family.  I know this will be a great blessing for her. ANd she has asked me to confirm her. Aparently they think I am good at speaking.
We have also found another part member family where the husband wants to come back. It is going to be great to teach them. The work is really just catching fire. It is hard to think that transfers are in a couple weeks. I get asked what I think. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to leave Surprise. I love the people here.
It sounds like you are all enjoying that snow. I have said it before, I do not miss it. Jarret- you and I can become snowbirds and just come down here for the winters. It is great. It is starting to heat up though, and my tan is coming back. Honestly, I don't know if it went away. I am happy that Cameron is leaving he is going to have a blast and him and Brock can speak spainish together when they get back. Have fun with dances, dates, track meets, wrestling and all that fun stuff. Since when could you run the 2 mile in Jr high?
I love you all,
Elder Wade

Monday, March 11, 2013

Las Ganas

I am pretty sure that is how you spell it... Las Ganas. I don't know though. To have it all make sense this week we had our meeting and it is really just seeing where we are and improving from it. A huge thing that really stuck out to me was that it all starts with our Desire. So Las Ganas... Jarret you can correct me if it is wrong. I have really been doning a self evaluation and seeing what I need to change to do more. I loved the meeting. The greatest Desire we need to have is to love the Lord, everything else will fall into place. Doing this will increase all of our capacities, faith, works, etc... We have been kind of meshing this with our real senior companion, the Spirit. The great thing is, is that he has been doing missionary work for a whole lot longer than me so I am happy to have him be my companion.
I have really appreacitated reading all your emails today. You have all been just the push I need to go a little bit farther.
Other than that it was a week full of awesomeness and fun. I am happy it is starting to warm, for now... I will try to send some up but maybe I will be selfish and keep it down here. You don't need this heat. Ha. That is really neat about Sherri and Nyle, I miss them. ANd that is so cool about Elder Hammond. He will be a great assaistant to the President. I love you so much. Work hard and play hard.
Love Elder Wade

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March...but summer

It has been another great week here in the APM! Transfers were last week and now transfers are back to six weeks. WHich means the last week of this transfer is the week of General Conference. It was a busy week. We had a new investigator come to church, that wa neat. It is going to be awesome to see them progress, they have such a great desire.
The weather down here is intresting, it is already up to the high 70s low 80s. It is nice but no matter how cool it is the sun here is always super hot. It is going to be another busy week here and I have a leadership training all day tomorrow. I am not really excited to sit for 7 hours of meetings ha oh well it is for the work. Speaking of leadership, Elder Nygren's brother in law told me he is now a zone leader which I thought was neat. But the couple that we have been work with, S and J, had their baby last week and we haven't been able to get in yet. Hopefully soon. We have the relief society working with us to get meals in the home, which I thought Was really neat, but they are awesome. I love them to death. It is weird, people are really becoming my family down here ha. We have this one family that went to the Gilbert Temple and brought back a piece of the temple rock for us. I thought it was neat. People almost everyday asking me when I will get transferred and I just tell them that I am staying here for the rest of my mission.
Oh so we got another Idahoan in the Surprise house and he is actually Elder Goff's best friend's brother! He is from Snake River He is our new zone Leader and he is awesome. It is going to be great to get to know him a little bit better.
I wish to share with you a mildly frightening but amazing reveltaion that received the other day. I was reading the Book of Mormon and then turned to Chapter 5 in Preach my Gospel. There is a question there that asks how the Book of Mormon has influence our testimony of the Savior. As soon as I read it, I realized that without the Book of Mormon I would have no testiomy of our savior. It just hit me like a brick wall. It strengthend my testimony of the savior and of these sacred records that testify of him. I see now how important they are and I love them. Now I just have to live them.
I love you guys so much. You are all such and inspiartion to me and you mean the world to me. Keep it up in all what you do and never give up.
Love Elder Jake Wade

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wow! 58 Missions!!

Hello Everyone!
It has been a fantastic week, pretty exciting news all over the place. The way President Taylor told us was 3-2-5. Three metro missions, Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix are being split up to fit the new Scottsdale and Gilbert Missions. It is way awesome, it is exciting to be part of this amazing work. I did see that Idaho got two new missions too. The work is hastening. I can't believe that I have already been out this long, it just keeps freaking me out. We got transfer news and one of our zone leaders got assigned to be Assiastaint to the President, and Elder Jackson the one elder that came into the Surprise house a transfer after me is being transfered. That house has now been changed three times over. It almost ages me ha. Oh well i am not dwelling on it.
We are working hard and not letting up. The temperature just keeps rising and so will we. We going to be pushing our ares farther then they have been before, and it will be through the members. I have really liked getting to know them. We have this one family that are ward missionaries, they are saying whatever we need we need to ask them. They are the best and I love working with them. I also think it is funny how the question has changed from "how long have you been out?", to; "How much longer do you have?" I don't like it but I just laugh and tell them the truth. It is funny.
Last week we had a meeting where we met together as trainers and trainees. We read a scripture in Alma 53 and he related it to we are the Laminites and we are building our own spiritual prisons, but if we are always asking what more can I do and staying busy we will stay out of the devil's grasp. I loved it. I have ound my questions to myself change to self improvemnt questions. Or what can I do better to help so and so. It has been effective.
Tell Keegan congrats, He will love it there. Can't wait to see if he comes home with an accent ha. Jayson good luck with wrestling you are a boss. Tell the coaches hi for me and that I know they will do a great job. Dad get feeling better, and I know what you mean. I have seen there is so much more of a sacred trust for young men to hold the priesthood. The good thing is that they are prepared. I can't believe Will is married, that is so awesome! Tell him hi back. I love you all and you are the best know matter who says different.
Love Elder Wade