Monday, March 11, 2013

Las Ganas

I am pretty sure that is how you spell it... Las Ganas. I don't know though. To have it all make sense this week we had our meeting and it is really just seeing where we are and improving from it. A huge thing that really stuck out to me was that it all starts with our Desire. So Las Ganas... Jarret you can correct me if it is wrong. I have really been doning a self evaluation and seeing what I need to change to do more. I loved the meeting. The greatest Desire we need to have is to love the Lord, everything else will fall into place. Doing this will increase all of our capacities, faith, works, etc... We have been kind of meshing this with our real senior companion, the Spirit. The great thing is, is that he has been doing missionary work for a whole lot longer than me so I am happy to have him be my companion.
I have really appreacitated reading all your emails today. You have all been just the push I need to go a little bit farther.
Other than that it was a week full of awesomeness and fun. I am happy it is starting to warm, for now... I will try to send some up but maybe I will be selfish and keep it down here. You don't need this heat. Ha. That is really neat about Sherri and Nyle, I miss them. ANd that is so cool about Elder Hammond. He will be a great assaistant to the President. I love you so much. Work hard and play hard.
Love Elder Wade

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