Monday, April 22, 2013

April lack of showers... bring May baptisms‏

Dear everybody,
This week has been just an off shoot from our great Sunday. That couple that I have been working with since I got here accepted a date on May 24th!!  Our zone leaders say that we are leading the Zone in dates set and investigators at Sacrament. Yesterday we had 8 still good. It would have been nice to have this one couple there. It has been a fantastic week! The best part is that it isn't just our companionship, it is our whole district. Yes I am still district leader. We are going to have an even better week this week wit hthe two boys' baptism.
Speaking of being District Leader... Something that we have focused on a lot this past almost two months is talking to everyone. Something I struggle with really bad. It is just awkward at first. Now I can say that I am changed for the most part. The missionaries that I have talked to that are about to go home tell me that is their biggest regret. Not talking to everyone. This Morning in my personal study I read over the scripture study portion in the finding section and it told me that it is a commandment from our Heavenly Father to open our mouths and to declare to the gospel to every nation and every creature, in every tongue. It hit me so hard. I know what I need to do.
We are doing great. And staying quite warm haha. It sounds like things are like always with you all crazy and busy. It is a good thing though. I will do all that I can to send it your way. No promises. Thanks for all of your support and love. Mom tell Jake hi back and that he is about to do the greatest work ever!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Wade

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