Monday, May 6, 2013

The work is hastening‏

Dear Fam and Friends!
It was a fantastic week! S.. and J.. had their baby blessed, he got to hold the microphone even though he isn't a member yet. I thought that was pretty cool. That will be awesome. We had 8 investigators show up to Sacrament. It is really weird though... All of our work right now seems like it is in just one of our wards. Also, more exciting news, our district achieved Standards of Excellence. Which number wise we did awesome. I told President that we could do it. He asked how many companionships were in my district. I told him mine and one other. He said that it would be awesome for a two companion district to do that. I love to see that we are blessed to do miracles. It was simply beautiful. I love to see the work and the joy/excitement it has brought into my life.
This week we found a family through a media referral. The father is .. and has been taught the missionary lessons. He loves it and wants it for his family. It amazes me of how the Lord prepares his children. It is always different. It is a testimony builder to me that He loves us each individually. So we went over there and it is a mom with six kids. That range from 14 to 1. They love the church and they are awesome. I am looking forward to where they will go. The Family of 5 is doing awesome.
Now the part you are waiting for... Phone calls... Remember that I have 40 minutes to call. So that means 20 minutes each. No longer then that. So have questions and such ready so I can answer them. Also I will be calling late. We don't get out of church until like 430 Arizona time, 530 your time. Then we have dinner after. Elder Loper will be calling first, so I will start calling like around 7-730 your time. I am looking forward to it. It is actually really surreal that I am able to call again.
I am so grateful for all what you do. Jayson you are looking good running. You are built just like Jarret. Keep it up stud. Jarret good luck training. Everyone else, I love you and you are awesome.
Elder Wade   

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