Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy late Thanksgiving

Happy late Thanksgiving!
So we only ended up having one dinner appointment. It was good because they had a 30 pound turkey!! This thing was massive. I was so full and we are still having left overs. We seem to come home with a different pie everynight. It is crazy but is really good. I have gained weight but the other elders in our zone took the scale so I don't know how much I have gained. Which I can just tell by looking at me. I still do pushups and and ab workouts every morning so it is just being in a car area. It kills you... I still think it is weird that we need a holiday to say we are thankful. We can say thanks everyday, but if is just an excuse to eat good food I will go with it. A scripture that really stuck out to me this morning in my reading was Alma 26:37 . It is a good one from Ammon, this is a really good chapter about being confident in a good way.
So we had a disappointment this weekend our date fell through with N...! He doesn't feel that he is ready! He was doing so well, three weeks smoke free and drops his date. We will continue to work on him this month and see if we can turn that around. We had a total of four come to sacrament yesterday which is good we are working up and will get them to keep coming. I am excited for Ti...she is still on her road to baptism and she is learning. I am excited if she wants to she can go to the christmas lights at the Mesa temple we can go with her. It is a big thing and I would really want investigators to go.
It sounds that you all had a great thanksgiving. Kolee's hair is so red! Ha I do miss you but I am where I am needed. I ma doing what the Lord wants me to do. I am always striving to be a representive of Jesus Christ in all what I do. It is hard but it is for the better. I love this season. I love it for the spirtual sense not the worldly problems. Focus on Chirst.
I love you, Elder Wade

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