Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week of June, Last week of the Transfer‏

Wasn't that Leadership training/Largest zone conference remarkable! They showed us how to be master Teachers! I say that because they not only spoke, but they used videos and stories to get what they were saying across to us. I loved every minute. We don't know when all the changes that Elder Perry will happen, but we know that will start to be phased in the next year. Working a lot more with members. We already stopped tracting months ago. Just isn't safe anymore, and people don't trust like they used to.
Thanks for all the cards I got this week. They were much needed and appreciated. I got the ones from Grandma and Grandpa Wade, and Grandma Pali. Thank you so much. Dad I know what you mean when you say you can get attached to families. On Thursday we got invited to a family's home, where they made me a cake and we had a great time. They are an amazing example, of being yourself and sharing the Gospel. She actually went. Rexburg career beauty college. They are probably one of my favorites here.
Jarret remember mosiah 4:27 you are going to kill yourself!! Keep it up though. I'll stick with my 30
Wade and Loper - Jake's Birthday

Elder Bressler, Wade and Sister Franz all from Rexburg serving together  
minutes of cardio a day haha. Lately Elder Loper  and I have been trying to have daily contact with those we teach. Especially those who are going to be baptized soon or have been baptized recently. We have gotten with the times and we share a scripture of the day, that we have found in our personal study. It has kept us on task and you can see the change. One family said that once we started sending those they were having more regular scripture study. We have more progressing and so much potential. The work is hastening not changing. We have been given tools to do good, but sometimes they are a two edge sword. Share gospel. Do it by your example on Facebook, blogs, etc... You never know who's life you will change.
I Love all of you so much and are great examples to me. Keep it up!
Love Elder Wade
P.S. Mom I should have told you this sooner, but I need more contacts...

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