Monday, June 10, 2013

Life is full of Miracles‏

Dear family and friends,
So the Elders in our house have benn counting down til my birthday. Glad to know they care. Ha Mom... how many is this away from home? Haha, I will be taken care of because we are going to the temple. We scheduled it out so I will be getting up super early to go hit up a session. I am way excited. It is a good birthday present. It is a good reminder that this day still isn't about me but about others. We had a leaderdhip conference where it was reaffirmed to me that I am here to help others have the best day, mission and life possible. I love this work I wouldn't be doing anything different.
This past week was such a fantastic week. It is neat to see all the little miracles. Growing up I always figured that miracles where these big life saving/changing events. But that isn't at all how God works most of the time. He does it line upon line, here alittle and there alittle. This week for example, we didn't have a big huge week, but the L.. passed their interviews so they can be baptized this week. The other Elders got a referral from a member that just happened to stop by the church on Saturday and see a lady that wanted to learn more. We got a referral that is a family of seven, five which are baptism age, which are super prepared. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and quit drink coffee already. They are well on their way. These events did not happen by mere coincidence, but rather by the hand of the Lord. He is an unchanging God and he is not done performing his miracles.
Technology is not a coincidence either. It is another powerful tool in the Lord's hands. This week we have been sending texts to our investigators and members of a scripture of the day. They love it! Todays is Mormon 9:21.
I want you to know that you are miracles in my life. I love you and I wouldn't be here without your help. This week find the little miracles in your life. I know that you will recognize the spirit more and will receive more blessings for thanking the Lord for them.
Dad Happy Fathers Day!
Love Elder Wade  

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