Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Well It is a first. Never before I have I received the text that I am leaving. It was quite weird to see my name on there. So yes I am leaving, I don't know where or what position I will be in. Honestly, I am kind of nervous. I am freaking out on the inside but I am comforted that it is my time to go. You have no idea of how hard it is going to leave. I have grown so much.  The people here are amazing and they are the best examples to me. Last night we had a lesson with J and S. They are so awesome. We had such a powerful lesson. I don't know if you have heard but there is some pretty sevre fires down here. 19 fire fighters lost their lives sunday night. It struck Jeff hard. He is a fire fighter himself and also in the honor gaurd. We testified and prayed that is all we could do. It was ruff. But It is probably the most spiritual lesson I have had for awhile.
I actually just got off the phone with President Taylor, He told me that he has another assignment for me, it isn't zone leader, isn't district leader. He just told me that I will know more tomorrow. I am even more nervous now.
I don't know much more to write other than the Spirit of the Lord has called me another way. I have now put my trust in him and will forever. He has a plan and this is his work. I am only a tool. I am looking forward to who I can serve and who's life I will touch. I am called of God. He is my master.
I love you all and wish you all another good week. Don't fall into the road. Ha Dad missionaries are still human. Happy 4th of July!
Elder Wade   

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