Monday, July 15, 2013

Time ....

This week has been remarkable! I have never worked harder in my life! We teach and we teach and find and find, bike and bike some more. It is the best though. I don't miss car at all. I still sweat a ton but it is just hot as usual. Ha the work is still the same to answer your questions. We use The devices as our area books and planners. It is hard and since we are testing them out there is still a lot that they need to fix, but they do help. With them we seem to always be doing something. If we have spare time or waiting for an appointment we are on facebook asking members to post mormon messages or make profiles. Really it is eliminating all the wasted time that missionaries have during the day.
That is enough about these tools that we have... Ha but I now cover just one ward. It is the Manistee Ranch ward. They are so missionary minded it is way neat. People here are crazy, but maybe they say the same about me who knows. I have noticed something though. A lot of the people members or non members here are probably the most Christlike people I have ever met. They just love to serve. It is great for me to see that it doesn't matter where you are, who are, what you have, it just matters how you show love... You probably get tired of me talking about it but it is true. This world is run off of love. God loves us that is why we are here. He wants us to become better that is why we have trials. Love is the foundation of the atonement.
Mom I agree with you we have amazing youth in our ward. THere is great examples to look up to. The leaders have done a lot to help each of them. That is how they do missionary work. Dad it looks like you have had fun and been busy with sound stuff. It pretty fun to tell people you drive around in a hearse.
You know how much I love you guys. I just want you to know because your love you have shaped my life for the better. Something that I have known just has stood out these last months is love, listen, serve.
Love, Elder Wade
P.S. It is wierd to say I have been out a year. It really feels like I just left. It puts in perspective how short time really is. I have learned a lot in this short year, looking forward to the next one. The time is to make or break it!  

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