Monday, July 22, 2013

Where's this transfer going

Dear Fam and Friends,
I hope your summer is going well because mine is. I haven't minded bike all that much, we are in lessons a lot. Right now we are teaching quite a bit. I am a whole lot busier here then my last area. We are teaching a lot of part member families. We don't have any baptisms for this month but have a few for next. It has been exciting right now. I think everyone that we are teaching has a major word of wisdom problem. But we have seen a lot people change too.
Last night we had a stake devotional with President and Sister Taylor come and they spoke to the stake about sharing the gospel simply. We were a part of it as missionaries. We sang a musical number and my district, we went up and shared ideas of what they can do on facebook. It was really good. Then one of the recent converts from our ward shared her testimony... Wow, I have never heard a stronger more sincere testimony. It was powerful. I love feeling the spirit while hearing new members speak you feel so accomplished. Oh this Sister's son asked me to ordain him a deacon. So I did my first ordination yesterday. It was really neat. They are a great family.
As you can tell we have a lot of members doing missionary work. They are catching the wave. It shows me of how importanat and how real this is. The spirit is touching everyone's life. It is great to see that.
I pray for you guys a lot. Dad travel safe. Oh by the way, the lady that cut my hair today was at the dance festival! So I asked her about the guy Mc-ing. I told her you were my dad, she thought that was pretty neat and said you did a great job.
SOunds like summer is going great for all of you. Keep cool... I know it is hard for you northern folk... Ha we have been cooler this week. We have been having lightning storms which have been the coolest ever!
Love you guys a bunch!
Elder Wade

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