Monday, February 11, 2013

What's Valentine's Day

Well This week was Exciting! And it even ended with a dumb dog peeing on my shoe. Lets just say. The owners should be happy the were there or else that dog would be drop kicked a mile. I have decided I am not a fan of dogs anyomre, sorry dad. But they are everywhere, and every stinking house has at least one.
It really has been an exciting week though. There is a couple that I have worked with since I have been here that committed to baptsim. They haven't hammerred down a date yet but they are super close. I love them and they are the ones that I have seen the biggest change. It has taken them little by little. And a lot of love. I have grown such a strong love for the people here. They are amazing.
It was kind of a schock yesterday though.. I had someone tell me I have been here forever. It is weird when people ask how long I have left. They say "that long? It feels like you have been here forever!" Ha it is super funny. I still feel new and not nearly as prepared as Elder Goff. He is the best and My zone leaders try to give me all the credit and it is definatly not me. It is all the Lord. I look at all the people that are going out on their missions and it just makes me excited, that they get to share this great responsibilty of Gathering Zion. At Zone conference we went over Jacob 5. It actually makes a lot of sense. It is awesome. I learned a lot. I just love learning. But I love sharing what I learned. I do that through my journal. Thanks I did get that package and Jarret.... That card . I shake my head at you. Ha I love you all and I love hearing of home.
Oh by the way, there is a family in one of our wards that is going up to visit their daughter at BYU-I. I told her I don't need anything but I gave her your number and she said she would ask if there was anything you wanted to give her to give to me. So just a heads up.
But Thanks again you're the best family in the world. Keep it up.
Love your Elder Wade

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