Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow... I have been out for Seven months...

Isn't It crazy how fast time is going? This is the last week of the transfer because it is only five weeks long instead of six. This last week went by super fast! ANd this weekend was the best. We had stake conference where we had a visiting general authority. His name is Elder Aidiktus from the First Quorm of the 70. He is an amazing person and he is one of the five general authorities over missionary work. It was neat to meet him and have him tell us to work just a little harder. He brought up the three kingdoms of golry and we really only have one decision in our life. Which Kingdom do you want to be in? You make that decision and all the rest are easy! It was a really good talk that I really enjoyed.
Thank you mom for doing that the cookies were the best they are already gone. I did share don't worry. Ha I am glad you transfered money too, I needed to buy an ankle brace, I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago. I know me and my ankles. It was really brusied and looked really good ha. It is better now, Just a little brusing still. I am now back and running. Speaking of running I have now competed against 2 asisstants to the president, Elder Bird in wrestling and Elder Griffin in Cross country. Jarret he remembers you his friend took 2nd behind you at districts in the 2 mile. Small world huh? Elder Griffin is really cool. Living with Zone leaders you see the Ap's quite a bit.
That is good to hear that Madison is taking 8 to state. good for them! I am glad to see that you guys enjoyed yourselves at the concert. Looks too crazy for me. Ha. So Elder Aidikitus told us to write down our decision in a journal or where ever your future family will see it so they can know your example. So what will your decision be?
I love you more then a single holiday could reflect. Keep up all the good deeds.
Love, Elder Wade

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