Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best Pday Ever!

Sorry for writing so late, it has been such a fantastic day. Since it was Elder Jones' last pday we had to make it a good one. IT started with a early morning hike that was pretty short just a mile in and a mile out. But it was awesome we got to look out over the valley and it was so awesome. Then we came back and had studies. We then had this family that lives in our zone leaders area took all six of us bowling and laser tagging! It was awesome! I loved it so much. I stunk it up in bowling, though. It was super fun. We are now finally relaxing and a getting ready to work this evening. I'll send pictures next week.
We did teach a little bit more this week. Elder Jones wants to finish strong, so that is exactly what we are doing. It has been colder, but it has been bearable, still no heater, but I am happy I have my nifty blanket to keep me warm at night. We are still a go for C..... and R.. to be baptized for this weekend and we are so excited. That would mean, four baptisms for this transfer. I am so happy with the work we are doing and we are still going strong. I don't see us slowing down at all but we are taking all chances we can. It has been ruff though. I wake up every morning more tired then the day before... It was way funny and I am always happy.
Mom, I am glad that your talk went well. Dad, did you know that those letters on faith used to be in the Doctrine and COvenants, but since it wasn't exactly direct revelation it was taken out in one of the las t revisions. Interesting huh? We have also focused on learning by the spirit. We learn that the more we learn the more advantage that we will have in the world to come, this doesn't mean we will continue to learn but we be able to use the things that we have learned in detail. ANd it is best to learn by the spirit. I love the feeling of learning something new as I read and ponder. I have started the Book of Mormon again and I ma going through looking for Character of Christ. Examples of Turning out not in. Doing this hopefully I can take off the natural man and become a saint throught the atonement.
Jarret, I forgot to say last week, but congrats! Awesome calling. I don't know of what that will all entail, but that is really cool. Lucky for you guys and that awesome cold weather, you can keep it, I don't want it. How is wrestling going? One of my zone leaders is a wrestler and took state in freestyle a couple years ago and his brother is a triple crown. We were talking of how much we miss it. Oh could someone send me another journal? I am running out of room in my first one. I try to write in it every night. I have truelly gained a testimony of Journal writing. I love you guys so much. You have no idea of how much you mean to me. I let you know next tuesday about transfer news.
Love ya.
Elder Wade

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