Monday, August 27, 2012

Another week already!!??

This week went by so super fast you have no idea! I don't see where all the time goes. I was reading in genisis and saw that when Jacob was laboring he said the years passed by like a few days. I can say the same for the days fly by like hours. We did have Zone Conference this week really exciting. We learned about how to manage our time wisely and how we should plan effectively for our week and daily planning. Tiffany was baptized this weekend!! The service was amazing! Elder K said it was the best he has been to. She had a family friend come from California to baptise her and he had his family there. And his daughter is going on a mission to Pocatello! Ha so I had to tell her about the life up there she was excited and should be. Sister H.... is her name. But I was really nervous to do the baptismal presentation, but everyone said they were really touched and I could feel the spirit so strong. It was an amazing day. We are trying to get more investigators becasue she has been most of our lessons. But we had Four investigators that came to church yesterday. Which is really good we are extending baptism dates like crazy sometimes it is just hard when people don't follow through with their commitments... We got two new investigators this week and a few more potentials so we will start working on them.
Over all it seemed like a good week. I notice the heat as much as I used to, but it is still really hot. We haven't been able to bike as much as we wanted to because I keep getting flats! So I am going to buy tubes today but I love my bike it is a beast and has done really well other than that.
It sounds like that you are all doing really well and that you are having fun. Oh ya mom if you were down here you would have started school three weeks ago. They can't go outside if it is too hot. Ive never really had to deal with that. We have started our focus on member missionary work so we will see how that goes. But I love you all and greatful fro all that you have raised me to be.
Love, Elder Jake Wade

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