Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey everybody!
So first off forgot to tell you I couldn't write yesterday the library was closed. And next off I am horrible at remembering birthdays... So happy late birthdays to Dad, and Jarret! You are both Old! Haha, and to just for warn you, next week I will write on Monday but the week after I will write on Tuesday. Every transfer week or pday is on Tuesday. Also to a birthday present to you both, we set up two more dates this week. One to a Lady named S.... so really happy for her. Next, this lady is very special to us...  Her name is M....................so keep her in your prayers.
We have had quite a few investigators come to church, two which will be a work in progress,  but their niece was baptized recently and the have witnessed the huge change in her life. ..........We have had a problem recently which is because school has started everybody seems to get sick! so that leads to appointments falling through. Which you have to just plan effectively and have backups to everything. And it is hard now because of the program of the church called the 12 week training program I am in charge of planning this week, but I manage. Yesterday was nice becuase we were able to relax and get into people's homes if they were home. but over all it was a good week.
It sounds like you have all had a pretty good week also. Jayson you look good running, but you let Drew beat you lets work on that. Ha I bet the Brigham  City Temple was really nice. We get to go to the temple almost every three months so I'm excited for that. But I love all your support, and I need more ties!
Love you all,
Elder Jake Wade

(editing done to delete personal information...if you would like to read the complete letter - please email me) Jake's Mom

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