Thursday, August 2, 2012

2nd Email

If time fly by like it has here at the MTC then I'll be home before you know it! But there is no need to worry about that right now ha. We got our travel plans last week and our plane leaves about 8:30 in the morning so we have to be at our travel services at 5 on tueday morning. Oh and our flight is only 42 minutes long haha. But here at the MTC I have had at least one spiritual experance everyday. Our teachers are fantastic and I have learned so much I love it! It still way weird that we leave in like 5 days it feels like I just got here, people were constantly telling me "Welcome to The MTC!" wow that got annoying fast ha. Now we are the Bosses of the English building. Elder Robison is mad that I'm leaving though haha. I would not want to be here as long as he is or any of the foreign missionaries, because this food is really starting to get to me. I have only gained 5 pounds though. What do you expect though? We eat and sit, sit and learn, and sit and teach. With only one hour of Soccer. Oh speaking of Soccer we have been playing soccer with the Europeans lately, they are so good. The one told me I had no fear because when I go to block the ball I just take it and not flinch or nothing. I asked if it was a good thing. He said kind of. They are so funny though. I'll miss them next week. Oh do you remember Kaden Jeppson? I was friends with him in 4th grade. He is here and is going to Guam English speaking. I didn't notice him at first but he noticed me it was really nice to see him after all these years.
We have been teaching quite a bit. We had our last TRC last night though. Her name is Barbara and she is probably one the funniest people I know. Ha but we got her to read the Book of Mormon and also committed her to baptism last night. It helps when your compainion is a stallion like mine. He is so smart we have had no problems getting along whatsoever. He is awesome. Our district is still way close and also one of the only districts that is quiet during quiet time at 10:15.
I loved the packages I got thanks Mom. I loved the cupcakes so mcuh Heather is awesome!! I actually witnessed one of Elders eat on in one bite... Kind of cool Kind of nasty but awesome. I'm glad you are all having a blast with all different stuff going on you are always in my prayers. Pray for my future investigators for me ha. I love you all.
Elder Wade

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