Monday, October 21, 2013

Trials=greatest blessings‏

Hey there!

Welcome home Joe! That is pretty exciting. It is crazy how fast time has gone. My comp goes home in about a transfer.  He goes home  right before Christmas, he is pretty excited about that. It is kind of funny, people ask how long I have been out and I tell them about 15 months and they are like wow... You are on the downhill, or they comment how when they got to that point, it seemed like everyone from home forgot about them. Then they ask Elder Wilson and he tells them 22 and then comes all the trunky jokes. It is kind of funny. I guess that is what you get for being in a singles ward, where all of them have served missions already. 

One thing that I do really like about this ward is that we don't have to worry about what people say or if they will offend them. They do a great job of fellowshipping everyone that comes to church.  This week I saw something that really built my testimony while teaching . We taught  at our Bishop's house. It was such a powerful lesson.  I really think it is because it was the first time we taught her in a member's home. It is the closest place to the temple. It would be neat if we could teach at the temple but we have the next best place. So our homes are temples. 

So next week will be different, just giving you a heads up here. I have a meeting on Monday so my p-day will be on Tuesday. Then the next week is transfers, so again P-day is on Tuesday. 

I looking forward to Halloween and such. People go all out here. So we have to be in by six. But you can really start to feel the fall in the air. It is a great feeling. Missing my four seasons of Idaho though- XC, wrestling, track/more wrestling, Summer. Jayse hope you know that you are a stud. When you go on that mat, no matter who it is, remember that you are there now and there is nothing in the past that matters. "Learn from the past, don't live in it." I don't care if it is Stacy or Ramos, they are no better then you. You have to push through any fear or road blocks you have. A lot of the things I learned from wrestling have helped me a lot out here. It is surrounded by eternal principles. 

I love you all have a great week. 

Elder Wade 


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