Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do I stay or do I go

Hey everyone!

So the big question is am I staying or leaving? I was really surprised when we got the news this morning. And I am staying but Elder W...... is getting transferred, but he doesn't have to pack. Which means he will still live with us and I will get a new companion! I am super nervous and excited. I don't know what to think. I just know that is going to be an interesting transfer meeting tomorrow. I have learned so much from Elder W...... He is so legit. He is excited he doesn't have to pack. I am just excited he still in the zone.  

In other news... IPads are still great. A lot easier this time then last time. We taught a couple skype lessons last week. That was pretty neat. Facebook is easier and a lot more productive. Speaking of, I can be tagged in posts, I personally would prefer if they were mostly missionary related, and please do share my posts. If you do then not only my 900 friends see it but also yours, pretty soon 100s of thousands see it and it is just another seed. Oh and dad, nice profile pic btw. 

This past week the work is really showing. Our zone is doing great as well. Last month we had two baptisms which isn't bad, but we are capable of a lot more. We really have been pushing always living your purpose and inviting and finding. So this past week showed. We got Standards of Excellence as a zone. It was super good. We can still do a lot better. I love this zone and ward.

In one my studies this past week I was learning about using time wisely and there was a personal study from it that you answered a couple questions and one is what do you want people to see in when finish your mission. That is a hard one. One thing that I love about the mission is that it molds you for the rest your life. I am not saying I did bad things at home, but I know I could have been better. So I am doing that now. I am trying to live my purpose, in doing that I have seen my own life get closer to Christ and it helps me. We still are doing well, we have two baptisms coming up on the 23rd. Excited for that and looking forward to another crazy week! 

Oh and the weather this week was perfect. Thought I would have my Prideful moment for the day. 
Good Luck! Love you all thanks for being my examples! 

Love, Elder Wade  

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