Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Hey! Hope everyone is having a good week and day.

It has been a really good one here. With transfers this past week we lost a lot of good missionaries but we got really good missionaries in return. In fact we have three former zone leaders in our zone now. It is the dream team. We are really excited for this transfer, it is going to be super good. I am really feeling the meaning of the word urgency and how the Lord is hastening his work. We have a lot to do and it just means we have to keep moving and not get complacent. I think that is the biggest thing I have learned from being areas for so long. I love it though. And the ward is happy that both Elder Wainwright and I are still here. 

We had a lot of miracles come this past week. For example we got a call from elders in our zone and they gave us a referral for a girl named M...... She has a baptism date for the middle of April. It is going to be way cool, because she will be out of town this week but we can still teach her over skype. It is going to be a really cool experience. We also am getting really good fellowshippers for K... He is going to get a social conversion then the spiritual will soon follow. I don't know what we are going to do now though, because one of his main friends in the ward is our elder's quorum. And he is now engaged to our Relief Society President... Our ward in general is done for!! Oh the joys and excitements of being in a YSA. 

Other then that it has been getting warmer here too. I think it almost got to 90. Summer is coming too fast. Glad you are all starting to warm up. You need it. You almost became icicles. We are getting exciting for the upcoming events: General Conference aka the super bowl for missionaries, and the Easter Pageant. It is going to be a good spring! Hope all goes well for you! 

Love Elder Wade     

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