Monday, March 3, 2014

The House of Lord

Hey Family!

So it has been a fantastic week. We are teaching the same people they have lot more desire to learn more. We also had the Gilbert Temple dedicated. Wow... That was amazing! In attendance was President Monson, President Eyring, Elder Tad R. Callister, Elder Walker, and Elder Richards. It was super good. We went to the second session. Which President and Sister Taylor were in the Celestial room for that session. He said that it was a great experience to be in the same room as those prestige men that we look up to. He said that spirit told him louder then ever these two words. URGENCY, HASTENING. I know I felt the same. I felt the Spirit so strong when the Lord's prophet dedicated the temple. This hastening is bringing all of The Lord's children back to him. That includes the deceased. Temple work converts converts. So the more people we get to the next ordinance the more we can get of their ancestors' work done. It is like a big ole funnel. It is amazing how it all works. The Spirit of Elijah takes over! 

One thing that was really impressed on me was the truthfulness of the resurrection. It is amazing once you think of it. All of our troubles that we have had in our life will be lifted and we will be perfected through the Atonement of Christ. Through the loss of hair to the un-curable disease. Also that the knowledge we obtain in this life raises with us. I am excited for school even though it is forever away. I don't care that I am going BYU-I. Evidently that is where I am needed. 

This week is going to be crazy! We have meetings galore! We also have quite a few lessons set up. Even with New investigators. It should be a good one. It seems like you all have a crazy week as well. 

Thanks for telling me how the wrestlers did. It was funny that you mention that though. I had a dream last night that I was warming up for a match. It was at Bonneville Duels. Right when I stepped on the mat, the alarm went off. I miss wrestling. The other day I was on exchanges with the assistants, I and I think he did this on purpose knowing I grew up wrestling, but we went to go see this less active that is wrestling for GCU. The local college down here. Once this guy found out that I was a wrestler his face lit up and he got a lot more excited to see us. He committed to go to church, which was good. he also wants to wrestle me. He is cutting weight though. He cut 20 pounds in one week. I don't miss those days at all. I am dieting though. 

Keep your heads up and be of good cheer! 
love, Elder Wade       

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