Monday, February 24, 2014

Gilbert Temple!!!

Hey There!

I hope you all have had a good week. We did. It was busy and it wasn't because we had meetings. It was good. We started teaching a Navajo. He is pretty neat. He won't be here long though. We will get him as close to baptism as we can. We also have another guy we are teaching. His name is Kris. He is legit. We didn't meet with him last week, but we have already scheduled a couple of times to meet up this week. Our Bishop just laughs because almost everyone we have taught lately has a member girlfriend. It is kind of like flirting to convert, but the guys actually have real intent. It will be good to work with them this week.

On Sunday we had a guy come to church that we ran into that was inactive for about six years. He is way cool. I love connecting with others. He really had no interest of coming to church. We asked him how long he will be here and he said that he will be here until at least April. That is when his fight is. He does MMA. I told him that that is super cool! I told him I wrestled  for years and he said that is what got him into UFC. I told him there is a lot of wrestlers that are in our ward. SO he showed up yesterday and fit in super well. He loved what was said and said that it was what he needed. That was good to hear. So we are having a lot success with returning members. It is great to work with Young single adults, because one you can connect to them, and two you can tell that they are looking for something and you can see the beginning stages of conversion, not just gaining a testimony. 

This week is pretty neat we have the Gilbert Temple dedication! It will be my third temple dedication I will attend! I am so excited! The whole valley is excited for it as well. The ward is going there next Saturday for their monthly temple trip. I am sure it will be crowded. 

I hope the best for you all this week! Have fun and remember who are what you stand for! 

Love, Elder Jake Wade  

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