Monday, February 3, 2014


Dear loved ones,

Have I ever told how much of a blessing it is to write and hear from you every week? If I haven't I am now repenting and changing my ways. I love hearing from all that write. Even those that read these emails and don't write I feel your love for me... 

So as for my new companion. He is the best ever! We are like best friends already. His name is Elder W.......... from Bountiful Utah. Amazingly enough he is only my second companion from Utah. The only other one is Elder B...... Who is now a zone leader in Cottonwood. He is now up north! He was super nervous, but I will get to see him tomorrow. Elder W........ is so funny he goes home six weeks after me. He started his mission here in this zone. He was actually trained by Elder B...., Elder K.....'s trainer. So we are basically the same person... He is probably the funniest person I have met. We will do well together. I love how positive he is. 

This morning we were talking to President Taylor. This past weekend he was at a Stake conference in Surprise. He said that he spoke and the stake presidency. He then told me the other speaker... It was Brother L.......! Who Elder L...... and I taught him and his family and they were baptized in June. President said that he did a fantastic job and gave an amazing talk. He asked him for a copy of it so he could use at zone conferences and such. T.. told him only if I get a copy of it as well. So he told me he will give to me tomorrow! I was so happy when he told me that! That is what missionary work is all about! Love. I love that family and others I have taught and even those that have rejected. I love the people here. They have all touched my life. I am grateful to still be in the Phoenix . This ward is so fun. We have a great bishop and counselors. I have to say only in a .... do you make sure you get out of church on time to see the game... And make the excuse of family gatherings. It was really funny. 

So February is always the month of love. The best way to tell someone you car for them is through your actions. Love, Listen, Serve. That is what it all comes down to. 
Love, Elder Jacob Wade    

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