Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trials are like sprained ankles‏

Hey There!

It has been a fantastic week! We taught a lot more. It has been awhile
so it was really nice. Makaila is still on track and everyone in the
ward loves her. We had MLC and zone meeting this week. One thing that
I noticed from is how important it is not only to follow our Savior,
but to become like him. We focused a lot on Christlike attributes and
what it takes to get them. It was a really good experience.

This morning we went on a hike. I love the analogies you can make with
hiking. Such as there are a lot of ups and downs in life. If we stay
on the trail we will get where need to be. Never would I thought that
rolling your ankle could be to describe trials, but it is true they
are just a great big pain in our life. Not only that but they can
swell up and bruise making us focus just on that ankle. Just how when
we go through something we think we need to be the center of attention
when really we can fix it with the help of the Atonement. I rolled in
like the first ten minutes into the hike it was no fun, but I made
It to the top. Came down and my ankle was the size of a softball.
Gotta love it! I will send pictures next week.

But can you believe March is over! It crazy how fast time is going.
Elder Wainwright the other tried to be funny and tried to give me a
day count down, but I stopped him before he did. That stinks that you
got dumped on with all this snow. I don't even know what is like
anymore. Luckily... I am sure it will melt soon. Right?

I am so excited for general conference! I have feeling that it is
going to be super good! We actually be able to hear the same talks it
is great! We have interviews tomorrow as well so that will be good. I
have to renew my temple recommend. It is also my last interview with
President Taylor. I am excited for things to come.

Love ya!
Elder Jake Wade

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