Monday, May 26, 2014

Saved by Grace


It has been a great week! Really fast, I can't believe it is P-Day
again. It just goes by way too fast. We met a really cool part member
family this week. And his name is legitimately A (T) S.
He hasn't been to church since he was nine or so but he wants to get
his fiancé and her son involved. Luckily they live right across from
our bishop, so he is a good spot to come back.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to meet with the Kinkades this
week, she ended up having class the same time we scheduled our lesson
so we will hopefully will meet with them in the next couple of days.
But all is good.

Yesterday Elder D and I had to give talks in Cactus Lane. We got
the topics, Elder D  gets his and it was on inviting and
following up, so I was like sweet we will get one on missionary work.
Nope... I get this one: "Grace and what it means to us as Latter-Day
Saints." I was a little taken back. I studied a lot this week. There
is some really good talks and articles on it. The one that I got a lot
from was a talk given by Elder Oaks in April 1998 titled "Have You
Been Saved?" In this talk he gives six meanings to the words "saved"
and "salvation". It was super good. The one meaning he gave was one
that Grace saves us from spiritual darkness. And I was thinking back
on my life and the stupid decisions I made and they just seem dark,
but, on the other hand, living the gospel and memories of that seem
like they are light. I think that it is really neat to think we are
saved from those dark moments in life. It is for real.

I am looking forward to this week and what it has to bring. Have a
great Memorial Day! And a great week! It is the last week of the
transfer. So I will be emailing on Tuesday next week. Love you all!

Elder Jake Wade

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