Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'll be in Surprise For Christmas!

Well If can't guess... I transfer news came today. I am still with Elder Jones and still in Surprise! But it has already been a really interesting week. Elder Peterson one of my zone leaders went home, I really looked up to him and it was hard for all of us to tell him goodbye, it is hard seeing people you live with leave. It has happened to me twice already and my companion will be the next. I really hope he doesn't get trunky on me. But we are now a tri-panionship until tomorrow. Funny story with that... We are with my other Zone leader, Elder C....and guess who we ran into... Jared N.....'s sister and her family! We walked in and instantly I knew she was a Ny...... Also We had an awesome time at the temple lights and vistor center and the Mesa Temple on Sunday. That place is amazing! and J... and S....... loved it as well. We ran into a old district leader of Elder R.......'s. Anyways J.... loved the family video at the temple and it is a very touching video. We will hopefully be setting a date with them soon T... is still on date with this Saturday, I am super excited it is going to be a good one. She was announcing it at the Christmas party. She is pretty solid and is doing really. Christmas is in the air.
I read a lot of Alma this week and Moroni brings up the point of cleaning the inner vessel. It is intresting how much that it is connected to pride and faith. It seems that we think that we are doing pretty good and actually dwindling in our faith and then the temptations come. That is why prayer, scriptures and chruch are so important. We always have to a clean vessel.
Thanks for the ipod the talks are the best on there. We do have to skip a few songs but it doing alright. Grandma, I will probably get the package tomorrow. Any packages sent to the mission office take longer to get to me, because our zone leaders just pick them up when they go get supplies, or when we have a confrence of some sort. I am looking forward to it. Jayson I am sure you did an excellent job at wrapping my packages. By the way, Happy Birthday to Grandma Pali and Happy soon to be Birthday to Grandma Wade. Jayson You can beat Blackfoot. Too many people think that they are unbeatable, but look at you, you are determined and always striving for the best. Come Conference you can and will beat him. It is 90% mental. Listen to your coaches. Set goals then execute. It is always great to her from you all, I happy to call you family and I love you.
Elder Wade

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