Monday, December 17, 2012

Week before Christmas

Wudd up?!!
I had to say that because that is Elder Jones' most favorite saying. Ha But this week has been good. I feel spoiled because of all the packages I have got. Thanks for all of you it is awesome. I wish I had something to give back to all of you. I have been liking opening the ones from Grandma Pali and I am getting pretty good at guessing what is inside. Ha I can't wait to open them. But we probably had the best gift on saturday, T... was baptized! She was so ready and she had friends come down from Utah to see it happen! It shows you how important of an ordiance that baptism is. One thing about in a stateside mission is people just want to give and buy you food. If you want to know my weight I now weigh 170!!! I was super scared when I stepped on the scale, but I still have I my 6 pack, I think I am just feeling out a little bit. I think it is funny running into all the people that have people in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and even Parker. Of course they were related to the Crapos. It has been a good week, time is speeding up and I can't believe that I have been out for about five months now it has just flown by. We found out with the new changes in the MTC, we will have a five week transfer in Febuary, so starting then missionaries will start coming home a week earlier. It isn't fair, I don't get to serve my full two years!
So phone calls... It seems that I probably won't be able to write next week , but as far as length of time. We are given 40 minutes to call, and if we have split parents we get to split the calling time, so I will call you both for 20 minutes each. It seems short so have your questions ready. It is an obedience thing and I want to be obedient to what my Father wants me to do.
I have been really thinking of the Christmas story and what it means to me. I love it and if you have ever seen Mr Krueger's Christmas that s how I feel. I love my Savior and he has been there for me all the time. There is also a really good mormon message about a mom holding a baby and the she is going through a really difficult time, she is holding the child and she thinks that she is almost holding the baby Jesus and she hears the spirit tell her no I am holding you. That is how a lot of us must feel. Jayson I am happy that even though it may have been hard to watch your teammates wrestle and you couldn't. Know that the Savior is watching over you and comforting you. That is what I felt as I blew my knee out almost two years ago. He is mindful of us and wants to help us. I love you all and I especially love the Lord Jesus Chrst.
Elder Wade

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