Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If I have to pack again, so help me!!


So if you read my subject the first thought that comes to mind is probably transfer. But... That isn't true. We have transfers this week, and our zone is going to be completely different. In our mission we have 5 leaving and 25 coming in. I thought it would start slowing down, but I guess not. Because of this influx of missionaries. Elder Wilson and I had to move somewhere else so it would be more convenient for everybody: New Address: 
                                                            Elder Wade 
                                                  (If you want the address - contact Jake's mom)
So in a rush they wanted us to be moved in to our apartment by last night so we can help everyone else who is coming in on Wednesday move in to their new place. We quickly moved last night. And We are now moved in which it is a pretty nice place. First place with Hardwood floors. 

It has been a crazy week though. I don't feel like it is time for transfers. It is making me sad for how fast it is going. We didn't teach too much but, I am getting better at talking with everyone. I found out that I was just making it too awkward and wasn't being myself. I finally just got over it. I then went out with a missionary that was forcing it and it was like dude calm down. They already don't want to talk to you the best you can do is look comfortable. I am not the best, but I am starting to have fun with it. I saw that Joe comes home in a couple weeks. Dang that went by fast. That is going to be exciting for him to come home and see all the additions to the family.

So you know how I talked about education last week? Well I discovered another possibility for a profession... I think it would be way neat to be an Attorney for the church. We were on a ward blitz and the member of the bishopric and a member of the Elder's quorum presidency. They began talking about the church and how this world doesn't like our standards now. They brought up that a lot of people are starting to take things to court. It would be cool to fight for what I believe in a be on a whole new level. 

That is pretty much for this week. We have a baptism this week. Looking forward to that. Stay safe and injury free (Jayson)! Dad good luck with your bike. Love you all! 
Elder Wade   


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