Thursday, September 5, 2013


Man time is going too fast. It has been a fantastic week! Our Zone was cleared to start online proselyting so we have been clearing and facebook pages, but it is good to see the progression. This last week we had zone conference and we discussed a lot of principles vs rule and also building our faith. It is cool to see that those two are so connected. I love that fact that we are expected as people in these last days to live a higher law. Not in a "look at me I am better then you" but to live with the purpose that is going to bring a lot joy, true joy. Being here I have noticed that people look at us and think we have a ton of rules. They think that we are held back from having fun. They are searching for happiness from temporary things. There is also those that say that we are saved by grace and we don't have to do anything. Yeah his grace will save us but how would you feel in God's presence after you were doing things that you know weren't good? I am guessing you would feel unworthy, but you are able to govern yourself by living correct principles. And what is a principle? It is something that will prepare us for living the full thing in the life to come. Living this you are able to gain blessings and even bonus blessings. Elder Wilson and I this week have been focusing on being accountable not held accountable. The principle behind it is that is fact that we will go before God and be judged after this life. We should account to him first off and you won't feel guilty of what you did or did not do. Living the principle doesn't exempt the rule, look at the early jews they have tons of rules for keep the Sabbath holy, but now we have the principle that helps us see why of doing things. 

My mind is just blown of how easy this life is. All you need to do to gain a testimony is to read the scriptures, pray and come to church. It is that simple. Does that mean we won't have trials? No of course not we would have no real growth but you are exercising your faith and building on it. That is how S.... is and she has a stronger testimony then probably 90% of the church. 

Jarret sorry I didn't tell you happy birthday, but I forgot, not going to lie. Ha Happy late birthday, you're old. Hope all is well keep smiling and Happy Labor Day!!!
Love Elder Wade  

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