Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Transfer has came and gone...

It is amazing how fast time is going... It seriously feels like this year just started. Now it is practically over. It is almost disappointing. It has been great though. This transfer was by far the fastest. But I feel like I have done a ton of growing. So yes I am staying for another transfer! YAY!

It is super humbling when you have a missionary that you are around finish their mission and return home. Yesterday we saw Elder Wilson off... That was super hard. He was so nervous. All during studies yesterday he was pacing because he was just couldn't sit still. He was excited to see family though. It makes you think of the time we have left on our missions and it isn't a lot at all. All three of us at our apartment have been out the same time. This week we hit our 17 month mark! That is super weird. Luckily enough we have a lot of work to do to keep us busy. We did have a baptism on Saturday. That was good. Right now we haven't had too much but we have enough. Everyone is going home for Christmas and our ward is disappearing. We are staying busy though giving new member lessons and trying to get people back to church. It is good. 

So funny story with J...'s baptism. ......
After that it was a fantastic baptism! But that whole hour was so nerve racking!! But it helped me build some patience in others.

So there is my lesson learned for the week. It was a great week though. We had Christmas Conference and that was so good! I need another good trip to the temple. I enjoyed it. The Christmas lights are great here! It seems like they deck that place out. I enjoy it. 

Everything is going well. It seems like you all having a good time in the freezing cold Idaho. Honestly I haven't had to wear a sweater at all the last two days. It is too hot. Dad stay warm. We don't want you to be driving around in and 'ice Cube' haha! Get it? ice cube! Or frozen Pea soup. Either one stay warm. 

Jayse congrats at taking 3rd! That is great! That is like me I took third my 8th grade year too. And guess what I lost to the mountain view kid too. But you can do better. You are stud keep it up. Build your team up. 

So next week will be calls home. I can skype or facetime. Either one I can do either or. Let me know! Have a great week! 
Love, Elder Wade     

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