Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Be of Good Cheer!

Happy New Year!

Man I am so happy the holidays are over!! It has been killing me! And it has hurt our work as well. It was refreshing to be at church yesterday. We a lot of the people going back to school left, but we got a couple of new people so that was good. One is an intern down here who was going to school at BYU-I and he said "wow... I am not use to having missionaries in the ward I'm in." Yep he came from Rexburg for sure! We are excited and he can't wait to come out with us. Neither can we. 

Something that I heard yesterday, It was a thought from our bishop, was this; "the most violated commandment is the one to be of good cheer." Isn't that interesting? It was a quote from Elder Holland. We are commanded to be happy and be of good cheer. That means to be positive with what is before is a choice! So is happiness! It was mind blowing so I had to share. 

Hearing that was from Elder Holland just got me more excited for this week. We have the tri-mission conference in Tempe this Saturday. Leading up to that we have zone interviews. I am excited. Last week just the tone for it as well. We had mission leadership council and we talked about tightening up on online obedience and we also talked about our potential. It helped me see a lot of what I can be doing better. 

One thing I am excited about was teaching. This past week we didn't have one lesson with an investigator. We didn't let it keep us down. Tonight we have a lesson with a new investigator that we are excited to teach. His name is E.... It will be good. He just showed up to a church meeting a couple weeks ago in the family ward where he lives.

I am also excited about being positive. Being positive brings positive blessings. So I am trying not to speak bad about anything or anyone. Even myself. Hopefully it will help me be more kind and charitable. Hopefully it will bring hope and faith as well. 

Thanks for your love and prayers. I feel it everyday. I hope you feel mine. 

Love, Elder Jake Wade 

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