Monday, October 15, 2012

Baptism ..26th

What an exciting week! this week has been picking up and I have seen many miracles, yet a lot of challenges. Lets just say fasting works. And that M.. she is on her way. Her date is on the 26th . I don't have a way to send pictures yet but I will find a way. We picked up a few members from part member families which is exciting. We I really fasted for more teaching experiences. I just wish we could teach and teach. While the new investigators just came out of no where like they did yesterday and saturday. I guess I am like Alma saying " I wish I were an angel..." Ha but I am really loving it here. Elder Knabe have been holding strong and he is my favorite companion so far. Ha He is awesome and has taught me so much.
We don't have our zone interviews until the 23rd so I guess next Tuesday. I ma excited for this weekend though. Elder Anderson is coming and is such a big deal. That we can't have members even take us to the conference, because it is just for missionaries. That will be so awesome. We have been working hard and I have been focusing on what missionary the Lord wants me to be and I guess my question was answered with 3 Nephi 27:27 When Jesus said " Even as I am." THat hit me hard and it is hard with you think about how amazing of a teacher he was and striving for that excellence is going to be tough. I am striving to be the best teacher I can be. I know the Lord gives us talents and spiritual gifts I need to learn how to use mine to effectively teach.
I love you all I am really missing that cool Idaho breeze, but I can see how so many people can love fall and winter here it at the perfect temperature this last week. Speaking of could you send me a few sweaters because we have to wear our suit coats or a dress sweater once it gets 65 degrees. Thanks. I am sure you are all enjoying your fall and all of the pumpkins and Cross country. Hey I ran two miles this morning it we have been running so much it has been awesome.
I love this work and I love you all back home. I couldn't ask for better parents and family.
Love Elder Jake Wade

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