Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st

What a crazy week things are really starting to pick up. Knock on wood. This week we had more lessons which was awesome. We are really helping M.... progress. Seeing her and her family come to church is the coolest feeling and the bishop says she looks like she belongs which is awesome. She is making so much progress though. She will be baptized this month. Her mom finally came from the hospital, which is such a blessing. It would be really cool to teach her mom and her niece that is ten too. We have also started again working with a lady named C..... . So theme for this week was Faith and Promised blessings.
We have to faith. Faith is the opposite of fear. When we have faith we hope or trust for things that are true but cannot be seen. The great thing about faith is that it is an action. We exercise our faith into many things. Also When help our faith grow we have spiritual experiences. The thing is just being patient. Yes that p word we all love. Being patient for those things that will come. So have trust in the Lord great things will come. Next, Everything we are commanded to do or to stay away from has a promised blessing(s) that come along with it. Even missionary work. I found a qoute by Gordon B. Hinckley That showed that missionary work is not a sacrifce because we will get back more then we give. I know that is true without a doubt in my mind.
I am so excited for conference it is like waiting for the super bowl for missionaries. We are looking to have ten of our investigators attend. Should be good. Yes this week has been a lot of finding and yes we do cold contacts, but working with members is the prime way doing things, thats when you know you have a solid investigator. It is hard but we will harvest soon. The field is white.
Sounds like things are going well for all of you. Madison is undefeated? Wow... I love hearing from all of you. Remember "Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land."
I love you all,
Elder Jake Wade

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