Monday, October 1, 2012


So this week has bee nok but was made to awesome when S..... was baptized on Saturday. She was so nervous but after she seemed so relaxed it was awesome. Then being part of her confirmation was quit amazing. It was a crazy week because people have lives and don't want us to be part of and are not making the timeto meet with us. We are manging and when we do get to teach Elder Knabe and i teach so powerfully, because all that desire to teach is being held up nad wants to get out. So we are able to feel the spirit more when we teach. It is Awesome. We were able to teach M.... this week but it was right before she had to take her ten month old back to the hospital for some testing. He has such a sweet spirit and you couldn't tell he was sick if you didn't know. They think that have found a couple more tumors which is sad and hard for her. .....................
We have got a new missionary at the Surprise house he is cool. But he is starting to get the feel of it and is starting to calm down a little.  Also have a new zone leader Elder Campbell he is awesome and He is way funny. I love bonds we make here on the Mission.
I read a qoute the other day that I found in my scriptures. It is from the Teachings of President Hinckley. It is about how that anyone that goes on a mission should not see that they are sacrificing anything because the will get back more then what they put in. It changed my outlook. I am starting to see that this is a blessing and how much I love being here. Dad I like that story in 3 Nephi another one like it that I actually just read this morning is in Alma 25. When the Anti-Nephi-Lehies would have given up their lives then to sin again. They ended up getting killed but more were converted then were killed. Which both are great examples of true reprentance.
It sounds like you have all had a pretty good week and have had a lot fun. Oh mom one of our wards had their primary program and the president said that there about 120 primary kids and I thought of you haha. Good luck in your callings.
Love you all- Elder Jake Wade

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