Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Weekend!

What a spectacular weekend! If they would have made that revelation last year I would have dropped everything and would have left as soon as possible. We have been disscussing that it will get rid of that awkward phase between High School and the Mission. The one thought that we all had when it was made was "its crunch time." We need more missionaries to do this great work. All the Talks were so good I loved all of them. One that blew me away was Elder Oaks and his stand on children. He completely threw down and I am sure the whole world is shocked but I think it is awesome! Unfortuatly we only had one investigator watch conference and it wasn't M..... I would be listening to a talk and say to my self that that this talk would be great for so and so. Oh other great news is that we have a mission conference coming up and Elder Neil L. Anderson is coming! We are all so excited it is going to amazing.
This conference was good and really focused on being a true follower of Christ! Elder Bednar told us that... "We need to know the Gospel is True and be true to the gospel." We need to see how much Christ did for us and not go half way or part way, but we are all in fully immersed in the truth and need to be living with exactness. But we all make mistakes, that is why we have the atonement. What a special gift we have. This gift leads to so many others that our Heavenly Father has for us. We need to jump back on track and follow him. Most heared qoute this weekend was come unto him. We need to find him in our lives and follow him with all that we have. And this all starts in the home. That why I had such great examples and family members that taught me these truths to keep me on the straight and narrow. I am so grateful for this gospel and it truely does bless all of us, and that is why need to share it that is why we need more missionaries. I am happy to be part of ranks of the Lord's army. I am happy I accepted the call. I have been reading a lot about Captain Moroni, he is such a great inspiration to all of us and set foundations of we need to be fighting for. I know what I am fighting for and am proud serve.
It sounds like you all enjoyed this past week as well. Cierra heal well, Jarret have fun at your reunion that is awesome, and Jayson Have fun in school. Give your all. I look forward to each day trying to do the Lord's will seeking for his inspiration. I know greatness will come. I am looking forward to this week, it will be amazing yet again. Stay true.
Love, Elder Jake Wade

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